One Woman Ate Nothing but Pizza for 30 Whole Years

One Woman Ate Nothing but Pizza for 30 Whole Years

Most of us love pizza and for some it is a habit to eat pizza several times a week. But this woman, Claire Simmons, has a really weird eating habit.

For 31 years, she has dined with cheese and tomato pizza only – and she’s 33 years old, meaning she started this habit when she was merely two. While pizza may be many people’s favorite, it is definitely not healthy. Quite recently, she was told to stop her crazy eating habit or else she could die.

Why Can’t She Eat Anything Else? 

Many people question the veracity of this story, but Claire Simmons vows that she cannot eat anything if it is not pizza. She gags whenever she tries to put something in her mouth, unless it is a slice of pizza, particularly cheese and tomato. From Notting Hill, London, Simmons meal only consisted of pizza for 31 whole years. Unfortunately for her, the doctors are telling her to stop; otherwise this monotonous diet could end her life.

An Eating Disorder 

Experts say that her habit is a result of a disorder known as Selective Eating Disorder. She considers herself healthy as she exercises regularly and drinks a lot of water. But eating pizza every single day and not changing her meals will not provide her with the vitamins and minerals her body requires.

Potential Side Effects of a Pizza-Only Diet

just a slice: Claire Simmons apparently didn't get the memo / PicHelp
just a slice: Claire Simmons apparently didn’t get the memo / PicHelp
  • Pizza does contain some nutrients. In fact, it can provide you with protein, fat, fiber, lycopene, and calcium. Reports say that this food can give you a third of your daily recommended allowance of calcium. It also provides more than half of your body’s needed lycopene. Unfortunately, it can contain high amounts of sodium, saturate fat, and carbohydrates.
  • There are some who practice the pizza-only diet for a week or so, believing that it can help them lose weight. Pizza contains refined flour, which is not bad. However, eating this every day or even several times a week can contribute to obesity.
  • This particular food has other negative side effects to our health, including raising our cholesterol levels. If you habitually eat pizza, it can also raise your blood sugar levels over time.

There is a reason why Claire Simmons was asked to stop her loyalty to pizza and that is because it is not healthy. It is never a good idea to consume too much of anything, particularly junk food, let alone eating nothing but that food every day.