It’s time to eat that asparagus in your salad plate. An asparagus can . . .

Improve your memory especially when you get older.

Older people tend to have a poorer memory, and they are also at risk of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. This is because the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12 is decreases as the person ages. Aside from increasing the dosage of B12, it may also be necessary to supplement it with folate, which works together in repairing cognitive function.

In one of the studies conducted by Tufts University, they discovered that older men and women who consumed both score better in cognition and speed than those who didn’t.

What's better than asparagus? Asparagus with cheese / PicHelp
What’s better than asparagus? Asparagus with cheese / PicHelp

Enhance the body’s alkalinity.

The body is said to be alkaline when it’s pH level is low. When it is high, it becomes acidic. Many people are believed to be sick of chronic diseases due to a condition known as acidosis. This means that their acid level s have been very high for a long time, which may then lead to quick oxidation and chronic inflammation. Asparagus contains alkaline compounds that may help restore the balance.

Promote weight loss.

Asparagus is a rich source of fiber, which slows the breakdown of food and reduces sugar spike, which may make a person feeling hungry more quickly. The vegetable is also a good alternative to regular sources of protein such as meat. Proteins help build muscle mass, and muscles burn more calories than fat. Moreover, asparagus is low in calories.

Decrease the risk of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure may occur when there’s too much salt or sodium in the body. Salt helps retain water. When there’s an excessive amount of salt and water in the body, however, it causes a strain on the kidneys and raises the blood pressure.

Asparagus may work as a diuretic, which means it increases your rate of urination and prevents the buildup of too much salt in the body. The non-retention of water can prevent edema and bloating. A person may also feel lighter and more energetic.

Decrease the risk of colon cancer.

This vegetable has a different kind of carbohydrate called inulin, which is broken down only once it reaches the colon, thereby improving the absorption of nutrients by the body.