Horsetail is a perennial plant that got its name from its appearance. The rhizomatous stem looks like a horse’s tail (or a bird’s tail for some).

In other areas, this is known as pewterwort, shavegrass, and scouring rush. But whatever you want to call horsetail, you should know it is one amazing herb that has many health benefits.

One of the best ways to enjoy horsetail is by making tea out of it. You will need one to three teaspoons of dried (fresh if you want) horsetail. Put the herb into a cup and pour boiling water. Let it steep for at most 10 minutes depending on your taste preference. If you’re wondering why you should drink horsetail tea, here are the best reasons:

1. Anti-Hemorrhoids: Horsetail grass can fight inflammation and can also offer hemostatic benefits – both decrease bleeding, while relieving you from the pain brought by hemorrhoids. For best results, drink the tea before eating your meal, which should be rich in fiber.

Horsetail tea can give you that much needed kick, no pun intended. We mean boost by that, in case you're wondering / PicHelp
Horsetail tea can give you that much needed kick, no pun intended. We mean boost by that, in case you’re wondering / PicHelp

2. Diuretic: The University of Maryland Medical Center discovered that the herb is a diuretic, which is good for people with kidney stones caused by high uric acid. Therefore, it can be used for cleansing both the kidneys and the gall bladder. This can help reduce risks for UTIs, uric acid stones, and even gout.

3. Anti-Aging: Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, horsetail has antioxidants that can help delay the aging process. It can even prevent acne when you use it as a toner every night.

4. Incontinence: If you have a weak bladder, you should drink this tea or take a bath with it for at least two times a week. In a quart of boiling water, let 10 teaspoons of dried horsetail steep for about 10 minutes. Remove the leaves and add the liquid to your bath water.

5. Respiratory Tract Health: If you suffer from dry cough, nasal congestion, fever, or bronchitis, drink horsetail tea. You can also inhale the steam from the tea for at least twice a day to feel better.

What’s great about horsetail tea is that diabetics can drink it freely. It will not cause blood sugar spikes, so you don’t have to worry about your levels. Plus, drinking horsetail tea regularly can help your hair and nails become healthier. People with brittle bones and those who are prone to memory loss should also start drinking this tea.