Believe it or not, play is not a treat for your child; rather, it is a necessity. However, in today’s world where TV, computers, and handheld devices are the kings, it may be difficult for you to convince your child to go out and play. What’s worse is that many parents tend to hide their kids from the rest of the world, thinking their child is much safer indoors than outdoors.

If you are worried about their safety and health, it is time for you to stop these doubts. Here are the top reasons why you should let your child have fun and enjoy activities under the sun:

Make them ditch those tablets so they can run under the sun / PicHelp
Make them ditch those tablets so they can run under the sun / PicHelp

1. Your child will become more intelligent. Letting your child play outside can stimulate the brain. This is essential as the youngster is still in the learning stage of his or her life. Intelligence is not just about cognitive functions though. Playing can nurture your child’s overall development, making him/her more intelligent.

2. Your child will become much healthier. Instead of letting the kid stay at home all day, watching TV or playing video games, why not encourage him/her to become more physically active? Obesity is not only a problem in adults, but is turning into a problem for young people as well. Prevent this from happening by allowing your child to play outdoors with some kids.

3. Playing strengthens imagination. Many children use their imagination during playtime. They role play with other children or create their own fantasy world. This lets the imagination fly, which can help improve how your child deals with the real world when he/she grows up.

4. Outdoor activities promote emotional maturity. Allow your child to play with other children, so he/she can cope with personalities of other people. This enables the kid to become more flexible and have the ability to adjust during those times when emotions take over.

5. Playing out in the sun can help your child become sociable. The social circle of your child should not stop at home. He or she should interact with other children as well. This will help the kid get along with other people, while learning how to share and communicate with everyone around.

One of the best things about playing outdoors is that it is a multisensory activity. Your child can see, smell, touch, and hear things that are not available to him/her if you choose to let the kid stay at home all day.