NEW MEXICO – An OB-GYN in New Mexico has been suspended by the state’s medical board after he left a patient about to give birth unattended in order to have sex with another patient.

Netizens have criticized the doctor heavily, calling him a “disgrace to the profession and the state” and the New Mexico Medical Board is taking the incident seriously and is now debating the future of Dr. Christopher Driskill.

Driskill, 42 who could lose his license over the matter has also been found out to have a “personal cache” of alcohol in his office.

The doctor is already facing 11 charges of misconduct and is likely to lose chance of becoming the president of the New Mexico Medical Society. Driskill is set to assume the medical society’s presidency in April 2015.

Gergory House Cane
Even Gergory House would look like a “saint” compared to Dr. Christopher Driskill

The suspension noticed released by the board noted the doctor’s “sexual relations with another patient” for repeatedly leaving patients during their deliveries.

Driskill is also accused of having sex with numerous patients, a few of them used to work for him. He is also accused of being drunk during work hours and while attending to a few patients.

The doctor is also accused of prescribing regulated substance Alprazolam to one patient, despite him not having the necessary medical records to do so beforehand.

Driskill also allegedly wrote “inappropriate notations of a personal nature into certain patient medical charts.”

“Your sexual relationships and abuse of alcohol have negatively affected your practice of medicine,” said the board’s notice sent to Driskill.

The board also noted that the doctor is a “clear and immediate danger to the public.” Driskill however is yet to response to the allegation or release a public statement.