You don’t need to apply makeup to keep your face looking great. The trick is to start from within by consuming healthy food and drinks to achieve that healthy glow. Smoothies are a wonderful way to start your day. With the right ingredients, you can detoxify your body and get the perfect skin you’ve been dreaming about.

Smoothie for Clearer Skin

Blend the following ingredients until smooth:

• ½ cup of pumpkin juice, frozen

• Seven ounces of Greek yogurt

• ½ teaspoon of pumpkin spice pie

• ¼ avocado

• ½ cup of water

• Two tablespoons of ground flaxseed

Smoothie for Acne and Dull Skin Prevention

You need the following ingredients:

• ¼ cup of mango cubes

• ½ cup of mango juice

• ¼ cup of ripe avocado, mashed

• 1.4 cup of vanilla yogurt, fat-free

• 1 tablespoon of sugar

• 6 ice cubes

Combine all the ingredients using your blender. You can garnish with strawberry or mango if you want.

Green Smoothie for Stomach Cleansing

For people new to detox, this is not ideal because it is quite powerful. Drinking this though can cleanse the liver and the kidneys, which actually play a role on your skin’s appearance. Ingredients are:

• Three cups of water

• One inch ginger

• Four inches of one piece cucumber

• One lemon juice

• ¼ cup of mint

• At least one handful of ice

Smoothie for Anti-Irritation

If your skin is irritated, red, or puffy, you can try this smoothie with the following ingredients:

• One tablespoon of flaxseed oil

• One small banana

• One cup of ice cubes

• Two tablespoons of almond butter, raw

• ½ cup of apple juice

Smoothie for the Prevention of Skin Outbreaks

This smoothie contains powerful antioxidants that can help the liver cleanse the body. As the liver flushes away the toxins, the skin becomes much clearer and free from breakouts. Ingredients of this smoothie are the following:

• One tablespoon of fish oil

• ¼ cup of banana, frozen

• ¼ cup of kale leaves, chopped

• ¼ cup of strawberries, frozen

• ¼ cup of raspberries, frozen

• ¼ cup of blueberries, frozen

• One cup of water

Smoothie without Dairy

Most people add milk to their smoothie, but yours does not have to use dairy. As an alternative, you can use hemp milk, so that skin problems associated with dairy can be avoided. Here are the ingredients:

• ½ cup of hemp milk

• ½ cup of either coconut water or coconut milk

• One cup of ice

• One pear, peeled

• One to two tablespoons of hemp protein powder

• Coconut extract

• Handful of kale or spinach

This beet melon smoothie is just one of the many you can try / PicHelp
This beet melon smoothie is just one of the many you can try / PicHelp

You can choose the flavor of smoothie you want or you can try all these recipes. Rest assured that whichever you choose, you will have glowing skin as you drink the smoothie regularly.