Whether you’re a night owl, a bookworm, or the life of the party, your personality can tell you if you have the ability to lose weight. According to the US National Institute of Aging, character traits of people have something to do with their weight, particularly their weight gain problems. Those who are more likely to have a hard time slimming down consist of people who are aggressive, cynical, and impulsive.

Your personality may be the key to why you're overweight / PicHelp
Your personality may be the key to why you’re overweight / PicHelp

Based on the research, people with the traits mentioned above have difficulty in exercising discipline, which is why they usually give in to temptations. It will not be easy for them to maintain a healthy diet and perform physical activities on a regular basis, because these both require dedication and control. Impulsive individuals usually tend to have a problem with controlling themselves, so it can be a problem to stay at the right path.

How Personality Affects Body Mass Index

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a study that involved data compiled for more than 50 years. There were almost 2,000 people who participated in the research and they were all assessed based on their personality and its effect on their weight.

The study discovered that people indeed gained weight as they grew older. However, those who were impulsive became heavier than those who were able to control themselves. They gained an average of 22 pounds because they tend to consume more alcohol and eat as if there’s no tomorrow. The same thing happened to those who were antagonistic, cynical, and competitive. Meanwhile, those who are conscientious appeared thinner and there were not a lot of changes in their weight throughout adulthood.

To sum it up, here’s what the study discovered:

  1. Impulsive: Since impulsive people find it difficult to delay gratification, it becomes difficult for them to lose weight later in life. This is because they can’t seem to eliminate temptations; instead, they don’t avoid them.
  2. Reliable: Conscientious people follow rules, so it makes it easier for them to stick with their fitness or eating plan.
  3. Emotionally Unstable: If you’re prone to mood swings, you could be one of the so-called emotional eaters. When you’re sad, you’re more likely to eat food that is not good for you.
  4. Quiet: Introverts are more thoughtful and therefore they are less impulsive when it comes to their eating style. Oftentimes, they consider their choices first before they take action.
  5. Outgoing: Those who are the life of the party tend to permit stress to accumulate and this causes them to make unhealthier choices. This is why they are prone to overeating and choosing comfort foods that are high in fat and calories.

Your personality does have an effect on the reason why you’re struggling to lose weight. Knowing your personality will allow you to correct your mistakes and eventually drop those unwanted pounds.