Believe it or not, what you eat and drink could have an effect on your exam score or interview performance. An exam or interview is comparable to a marathon where endurance is necessary. Nutritionists highlight how important it is to know about healthy eating habits before the stressful time begins. Prepare for your exams not only through studying, but also by eating the right foods.

You actually have plenty of food choices to empower your brain. To help you perform better during the big day, here are the best dietary options you can choose from:

1. Green Tea – Coffee is popular option for boosting alertness, but the effect is short lived. You may have to keep drinking one cup after another just to be mentally alert the whole time. Unfortunately, this will result to you being too rattled that it is impossible to think clearly. As an alternative caffeine source, drink one to two cups of green tea instead, as this beverage improves concentration and even provides antioxidants.

2. Eggs – Scrambled eggs are a popular choice for many before an exam. You may want to incorporate this in your diet as it is a great source for the protein that you need. Many studies have proven that having protein before a mentally-challenging activity could improve your focus. Plus, you feel satisfied, so you will not look for food while taking the test.

3. Oatmeal – Another great choice is a bowl of oatmeal, which contains high amounts of fiber. It also has carbs that are slow to digest, which can give you plenty of energy both for your body and for your brain.

4. Fish – Fish such as mackerel, herring, and salmon are rich in healthy fats, most especially omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to improved performance of the brain. Omega-3s, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics, can help your brain cell membranes become more productive. As a result, your memory and learning abilities are enhanced.

Nailing that exam or interview can only be a matter what you put in your mouth / PicHelp
Nailing that exam or interview can only be a matter what you put in your mouth / PicHelp

5. Chicken – This works just like eggs in which it is a great protein source. Eating chicken can help keep your blood sugar at a steady level, so that you don’t crave for food while you are taking the exam. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about dips in energy, which helps in keeping your mental capacity active and stimulated throughout the exam.

6. Red Meat – Veal, beef, and lamb are perfect sources of iron. Having high levels of iron before an exam can help you become more attentive and also increases your ability to learn.

It is important that you don’t skip breakfast before an exam, even if this has been a habit of yours for a very long time now. Your brain will work more efficiently if your stomach will not keep growling while you are answering test questions.