Your genes have something to do with your being overweight. But there’s good news for you. According to research, there is a chance to counter excessive weight gain caused by your genetics by means of brisk walking every day. Instead of watching TV for several hours, an hour of brisk walking can give you health benefits, including helping you lose weight faster.

Do brisk walking and thank us later / PicHelp
Do brisk walking and thank us later / PicHelp

However, the study does not guarantee that brisk walking is the main factor for weight loss, since there could be other reasons why those who walk daily lose weight. Still, the significance of this finding is that it is possible to alter the influence of genes, even though there is no way for people to change their genes. By being physically active every day and decreasing sedentary behavior can lead to faster weight loss.

More Benefits of Brisk Walking

Chances of becoming obese in later life is said to be due to genetic predisposition or at least 50% of it. This is why brisk walking should be done for an hour every day to reduce the possibility of obesity. Aside from fighting “obesity genes,” there are more reasons why you should brisk walk daily for at least 30 minutes. Here are some more of the benefits when you regularly brisk walk in the morning:

  • Stay Fit. Brisk walking can help you stay fit. Become more active and walk for about 30 minutes every day to keep yourself healthy. This is already a form of aerobic exercise, which not only helps you lose weight, but also lifts your mood.
  • Have a Healthy Heart. By simply walking, you can lower your cholesterol levels, while reducing the risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases. When you brisk walk every day, this can strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles. Having a strong heart can carry more blood to your whole body. Make sure that you walk every day for at least 30 minutes to burn 200 calories and get rid of unwanted body fat.
  • Be Free from Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Problems. Regular brisk walking can improve your body mass index (BMI) and can reduce your blood pressure levels or at least maintain it to a healthy level. These two benefits are essential to people who have diabetes. When you allow your muscles to move frequently, you are able to use more glucose and can improve the utilization of insulin.

Whether you brisk walk every day to reduce your chances of becoming obese or you want to take advantage of the other benefits, you can be sure that this exercise is good for your health.