Warning Signs of Sexually Transmitted Disease No One Cares About

Warning Signs of Sexually Transmitted Disease No One Cares About

Back in 2008, about 19 million people contract sexually transmitted disease (STD) based on the data from the CDC. Prevention is still the best way to stay away from the disease, but is essential that treatment is provided immediately for anyone who has contracted it. If left untreated, many problems may arise, including Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, infertility, and ectopic pregnancies.

An infected mother may also bring health complications to the newborn. Thankfully, you can find a treatment for it as fast as possible as long as you don’t ignore the following symptoms:

1. Any skin problem in the genital area

This is actually quite obvious, but many people ignore it. Be sure to be on the look-out for the following in you and your partner:

  • Skin rashes
  • Lesions
  • Sores
  • Warts

Lesions often disappear within a few days, which is why people tend to ignore them. However, the infection is still there.

Any skin problem in the genital area could be a symptom of STD / PicHelp

2. Urination issues

If you have been feeling some pain as you urinate or you pee more than usual, these are two of the most common signs of STDs, particularly gonorrhea. These signs though are commonly mistaken for urinary tract infection, so they take home remedies such as cranberry juice. Unfortunately, even when the symptoms disappear, the infection is still left untreated.

3. Period problems

If you notice that you suddenly bleed heavily during your period or you feel pain, this could be due to an STD. This is especially true if you’ve always had a regular period and you have never experienced such problem before.

4. Vaginal discharge

If you’re having increased vaginal discharge, this may be because you have an STD. There are other causes for abnormal discharge in that area, such as vaginitis and yeast infection. If you don’t have those, now is the time to have it examined.

5. Pelvic pain

Many men and women ignore having pelvic pain even though some experience severe discomfort. While there are other reasons for such, have a doctor check you especially if the pain is accompanied by other symptoms.

6. Foul odor

Unusual odor coming from the penis or vagina should be something to be concerned about. While you can use products that will mask the odor, the infection stays there.

Whether it’s pain or smell, as long as it’s out of the ordinary, you should always be vigilant. Don’t assume that just because the symptom is gone, your infection is treated as well. Make sure to talk to a healthcare provider immediately no matter how embarrassing the problem may be.