Whether you will enjoy a cup of tea as a part of your English breakfast or you want to sip on a cup of Japanese green tea in the morning, you can find really cool tea infusers online and offline.

1. Teatanic Unsinkable Infuser: You can find an infuser that will remind you of the sinking Titanic. Put this infuser in your cup of tea and you will surely remember the blockbuster movie.teatanic

2. Goldfish Tea Infuser: While we’re on the subject, you can also find a goldfish tea infuser, which will probably remind you of Finding Nemo- although of course, Nemo is not a goldfish, but a clownfish.the_fish_tea_infuser_1

3. Mr. Tea Infuser: If you don’t have anyone to share tea time with, you can use Mister Tea infuser. This lovable infuser is quite creative as the little guy will give you some company as he lounges across your cup.mistertea_lr2

4. Deep Tea Diver Infuser: If you are looking for something more humorous, a “deep tea diver” could be a good option for you. The cleverly-named product has a little diver wearing an oxygen tank that will sit on your cup of tea while you wait.submarine

5. Armed with Technology Tea Infuser: Another thing that you will probably love is a robot tea infuser. This is similar to Mister Tea who will stay across the top of your cup. Made from stainless steel, this infuser can have his adjustable arms on your mug, so he can fit perfectly.robotsteeper

6. Tea Rex Infuser: If you’re more into the past than the future, Tea Rex Infuser can give you what you want. This infuser is made from silicone with the dinosaur having a chain around its neck.trex

With so many options available, you cannot go wrong with this very simple device. You can choose from a modern silicone design to silver collectible. One thing is for sure: you will definitely treasure an infuser that can give you a cup of tea according to your liking.