Scientists studied about 2,500 Indian dishes and the chemical compounds found in them. They discovered that the ingredients were so diverse that they have no similarity with one another. This is so different with many of the Western dishes, which uses flavors that usually match or complement the other ingredients.

Indian food is certainly one of the bests in the world / PicHelp
Indian food is certainly one of the bests in the world / PicHelp

Indian Food is Enjoyed All Over the World

Indian foods, especially curries, are well-loved in many places across the globe. In a study that looked at over 2,000 recipes, researchers have discovered that Indian food is unlike what many people are used to. Indian dishes have at least seven ingredients and all the flavors do not overlap. According to the researchers from the Indian Institute for Technology in Delhi, which carried out the study, the average sharing of flavors of ingredients in several of the Indian dishes was significantly lesser than what most of them expected.

Indian Cuisine vs. Western Cuisine

The study discovered that ingredients, which include bell peppers and garam masala, are combined with other ingredients that do not have the same chemicals. As a result, there is an assortment of flavors unlike in many Western dishes where chefs choose ingredients that they think go well together. For instance, blue cheese and chocolate and beer and beef taste good when teamed up because they have similar chemical compounds.

Meanwhile, in Indian dishes, the more similar two ingredients are in chemical compounds and flavor, the less likely they will be used in the same dish. The researchers who studied Indian cuisine believe that this technique is actually the reason behind why Indian foods are much tastier. The avoidance of overlapping ingredients brings out the unique flavor in each and every dish. Indians do not choose to blend two or more ingredients; instead, they opt for variety.

Still according to the research, there are 381 ingredients that are used all over the world and 200 of them are being used in just one Indian food. You can just imagine how unique each Indian dish becomes it contains several ingredients that do not even match, but still tastes great.

Curry remains to be one of the most popular Indian foods, if not the most popular. Previous research already proved that this dish can be good for you as it eases arthritis and prevents the development of Alzheimer’s. Almost all curries have cumin, allspice, ginger, turmeric, and other spices that come with antibacterial properties.

This study was conducted by Anupam Jaina, Rakhi N Kb, and Ganesh Bagler from the Indian Institute for Technology in Jodhpur.