Pork siomai, also known as steamed dumpling, it is a popular product in many streets of Asian cities and towns. Unfortunately, just like a number of pork dishes, pork siomai is not a good addition to your diet. A doctor named Willie Ong warned consumers to stop eating this food, which is apparently bad for your health.

Doctor Ong is a cardiologist and health columnist as well, and he said that pork siomai contains ingredients that are not good for the body. These ingredients contribute to pork siomai being an unhealthy food. Although you can eat it from time to time, you should refrain from eating it every day. Here are reasons why you should stay away from steamed dumplings or pork siomai:

Huge Amount of Pork Fat: Pork siomai is soft and delicious, which can be credited mostly to its pork fat content. Contrary to popular belief, pork fat is not bad as it can actually fight bad cholesterol. However, if you eat too much, it can promote high blood pressure and may increase the risk of heart attack. Pork siomai is made of 30% pork fat. You may want to reduce your intake of this food, especially if you already have hypertension.

Pork siomai is produced and sold cheaply and in huge quantity / Picture by liasfoodjourney.blogspot
Pork siomai is produced and sold cheaply and in huge quantity / Picture by liasfoodjourney.blogspot

High Calories: Meanwhile, if you are on a diet, it is best that you eat healthy and stop indulging in fatty foods such as pork siomai. This is not only fatty, but also high in calories. Four pieces of this Filipino favorite already have 400 calories if they are steamed. If you are a big fan of the fried version, you are upping your calorie intake to 600.

Waistline Grower: Losing weight and eating pork siomai don’t go hand in hand. Avoid this food as just two pieces are already equivalent to one cup of rice. Some people even eat pork siomai as a part of their meal, which includes rice. Obviously, this is not a good idea.

As it is pork siomai, the main ingredient here is pork. This meat has long been associated with several health problems, especially when eaten on a regular basis. Aside from heart problems, too much pork siomai can also raise your blood cholesterol and may increase your risk of developing certain cancers.

Regular appearance of pork in your diet can also contribute to the onset of obesity. Instead of indulging in pork siomai, choose healthier alternatives, such as chicken without skin, fish, and of course fruits and vegetables.