If you’re looking for herbal and nutritional supplements, you will most likely encounter products from China. They are quite tempting to buy because they are usually much, much cheaper than those you can buy at pharmacies.

What’s more, they are easily available, both in online and offline stores. But it is important that consumers are more careful of purchasing China products. In fact, as much as possible, you should avoid buying food items that are made in this country.

If you are one of those who continue to patronize organic food from China, here are the major issues you are exposing yourself to when you use these products:

1. Environmental Pollution

Over the past few decades, China has experienced rapid industrial growth. Although this is definitely good news for them, the country is unfortunately suffering from dire pollution. The water and soil contain huge amounts of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, which are released by industrial wastes.

Additionally, the air quality system in Beijing was well over 500 in January 2015. Anything that is above 150 is already considered unhealthy. Also, there is a certain pollutant in the city known as PM2.5, which has very tiny particles and can enter the blood stream.

It's not a language problem, some manufacturers deliberately mislabel their products / PicHelp
It’s not a language problem, some manufacturers deliberately mislabel their products / PicHelp

2. Fraudulent Labeling

According to the 2010 USDA report, some food merchants that sell China products persistently avoid the annual renewal process of certificates. This leads to them using expired labels in order to cut costs. Meanwhile, some retailers mislabel their products, telling the buyers that they are selling organic.

3. Antibiotics-Laden Water

Here’s another reason why you should avoid Chinese products: their water supply has antibiotics. Many of China’s biggest drug producers are the culprits, but more importantly, this contamination can cause resistance for the drug in humans. This can also damage the ecosystem. The herbs or any produce that come from China could be given water from this source, which can definitely harm your health.

4. Mercury Pollution

Aside from air and soil pollution, China products could also be full of mercury. Mining is rampant in the country, which causes mercury levels to soar. Mercury is a toxic metal that accumulates in the water, soil, in the air, and in the human bodies. This can cause poisoning, leading to death.

5. Additives

Those organic products are not organic at all. In fact, they could have too many additives, since the Chinese food industry is well-known for using at least 2,000 food additives. Although most additives are legal, there are food products that are tainted with toxins, such as rongalite, which can make food chewier and brighter, but can cause cancer.

Of course, not all China products are problematic and this country is not the only violator of safety regulations for food. But since China is one of the biggest exporters of products in many countries around the world, this situation indeed deserves major attention.