There’s bad news for men who adore their beards: no matter how diligent they are in keeping their facial hair clean, it can still harbor bacteria. Everyone who loves beards will find this such an unfortunate piece of information.

Studies have discovered that bearded people have more bacteria on their faces than those who are clean-shaven. This is because facial hair becomes a filthy breeding ground for bacteria, which could disperse germs and even cause infections. Unluckily, people with beards are not only the ones who are affected; those who love men with beards could also catch the infection.

So You Love Your Facial Fuzz? Think Again.

Carol Walker, a British specialist on hair and scalp (trichologist) at the Birmingham Trichology Center, said that facial hair could lead to several skin infections with the germs being passed to other people. Beards can harbor germs due to the fact that facial hair tends to become courser than other hair on the body. What happens here is that it is much easier for beards to trap germs, dirt, and grease.

The hair around the mouth and the nostrils is one of the favorite places of bacteria to thrive. What’s even more worrisome is the fact that people with beards often touch their facial hair a lot. Therefore, it becomes quite easy to transfer the germs from their hands all the way to their faces. If you are an infrequent shaver, you know you touch your beard as much as you touch your phone.

On average, your face has about 20,000 forms of bacteria. Walker even added that she has noticed people with facial hair have a skin condition. This is because of the germs they easily spread. Some skin infections are due to the huge amount of scale accumulation or eczema that comes from the beard bacteria. Others acquire it through disastrous circumstances. For instance, if a bearded person eats dairy and a piece of that food falls on the beard unnoticed, it will become rancid. Additionally, if the same individual has a cold, he could produce more Staphylococci than people who don’t have a beard. Staphylococci contain a group of bacteria that can cause people around to be ill.

We don't know if Hagrid is hot or what but we're sure that beard is a breeding ground for bacteria / PicHelp
We don’t know if Hagrid is hot or what but we’re sure that beard is a breeding ground for bacteria / PicHelp

Even without bacteria, having a beard does not really have a lot of benefits. While it may act as an insulator, the skin can become red and irritated when you sweat. Whether you are planning to grow a beard or you already have one, you know you have a lot to ponder on.