If you’re trying to avoid sodas, it will be much easier if you have some alternatives within your reach. Here are four soda replacements that you can prepare at home:

1. Lemonade: If you drink soda to cool yourself, here’s a good alternative. In a glass with water, add lemon juice, sugar, and ice. You can also add ginger to make the drink tastier. Some slices of lemon will also help improve the taste.

2. Arnold Palmer: Another alternative for cooling down is this drink that is traditionally part iced tea and part lemonade. You can mix things up a little bit by using 2/3 black tea (unsweetened), 1/6 orange juice, and 1/6 limeade.

3. Sparkling Water with Flavor: Many soda drinkers don’t like the blandness of water, which is why they turn to carbonated drinks. Sparkling water is a good alternative because it has the fizz without worrying about sugar and other harmful ingredients, such as aspartame and phosphoric acid. To give water taste, add lemon or lime juice. You can also use orange or apple juice.

4. Strawberry Black Pepper Soda: You will need seven cups of strawberries, 3 and a half cups of sugar, two tablespoons black pepper (crushed), and juice from half an orange. Combine the strawberries and the sugar first and let it sit for 12 hours until the sugar dissolves. Remove the syrup and add orange and pepper to it. Refrigerate for at least five days then enjoy.

Want to quit soda? Here are your alternatives / PicHelp
Want to quit soda? Here are your alternatives / PicHelp

Soda is not good for you as it has too much sugar and can destroy your teeth and liver. Drink any of the alternatives above to get the same effect as soda without getting the health problems.