Many people believe that their oily hair problem can be fixed with the right shampoo. In truth, you also need the right conditioner to treat this nuisance.

Shampoo and conditioner have their own purpose. The former is for removing dirt, sebum, and any kind of buildup from your scalp. On the other hand, conditioners are designed to add shine to your hair and coating it for protection against dryness and other issues. If you think about it, if you continue using hair conditioners that don’t complement your needs, you are actually contributing to the oiliness of your hair.

The good news is you don’t have to go shopping at the hair care section because you can make your own conditioner that will help your oily hair problem go away. Here are some conditioner recipes that you can follow for a non-greasy, oil-free, and healthy-looking hair:

Apple Cider Vinegar ACV1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Yup, you can use this kitchen ingredient for your hair as a conditioner. Just apply ACV on your hair regularly after every shampoo and this will make your hair shine. Plus, apple cider can even add volume to your hair. You can also use this to prevent oiliness on your scalp and dandruff as well.

Egg White StethNews2. Egg White: Here’s another ingredient that you probably have in your pantry right now. Crack open an egg and take the egg white. Using this is quite easy. Just mix with some lemon juice and apply on your hair. Rinse after one hour. This method can provide you the following benefits:

  • Stronger hair follicles
  • Less oil on your hair
  • Less oil on scalp
  • Reduced dandruff occurrence
  • Repair hair damage

The egg’s protein is effective in preventing hair oiliness and can even give you healthier hair with regular use.

Coconut Milk StethNews3. Almond Milk + Coconut Oil: Combine equal amounts of these two ingredients. Add a bit of lemon juice and apply to your hair. Just like with egg whites, leave on your hair for an hour before rinsing. What this natural conditioner does is that it reduces hair greasiness effectively. You can also use this if your hair is prone to damage.

Aloe Vera Cool Air4. Aloe Vera + Olive Oil: Leave the mixture of these two ingredients for about 30 minutes and rinse after. Aloe vera has always been a popular hair treatment and can be used to reduce greasiness from your hair. When added with olive oil, your hair follicles become much stronger. This prevents hair fall, while making hair look lustrous and shiny.

Use the natural conditioners above instead of the ones that are available commercially. Most of them have chemicals that actually do more damage to your oily hair rather than keeping it healthy.