Many people are huge fans of alternative medicine or treatment because this is generally safe and they are less costly. Acupuncture is one of the ancient techniques in alternative medicine that promotes better health and overall wellbeing. Small needles are used on different points on the body to relieve stress, get rid of headache or nausea, and other conditions.

Those who want to save money though can perform acupuncture on themselves. Although the following methods are deemed safe, you should still consult with an acupuncturist to understand the best ways for self-acupuncture.


Don’t Eat a Lot

Before you try self-acupuncture, make sure that you only took a light meal. As a matter of fact, it is advised that you perform the acupuncture on an empty stomach. If you want to eat, do so at least two hours before the session.

Use the Right Needles

Color-coded needles are the best for DIY acupuncture. The tips have their own color which matches the sizes of the needles. This way, you will easily learn which among them come with the size you need for a particular point in the body. It is also recommended that you avoid silicon-coated needles, because they generally cause an allergic reaction.

Treat Insomnia

As with eating, there are rules for acupuncture for sleeping. The most important is that you get enough sleep before any treatment. If you are suffering from insomnia though, you can use acupuncture as a way to heal yourself. But first, make sure that you take some time to relax and sleep adequately. You may want to take a hot bath before you go to bed, so you can have a deep sleep.

Remove with Face-Related Problems

There are more than 365 acupuncture points in the body and it is important that you are able to identify the points that can help you feel better. This can be difficult though, but it is possible even when you are not an expert. One acupuncture point is for the face to help you with your dental health, colds, sinus congestion, and flu. It is located between your thumb and the index finger right in the web of your hand. This point also helps keep your eyes clear and healthy as well as for migraines and headaches.

Relieve Panic Attacks or Anxiety

Acupuncture can help settle your emotions. If you are feeling panicky or anxious, you can turn to this type of treatment. To relieve yourself from your troubling feelings and thoughts, use your DIY acupuncture kit and place the needle on the side of your little finger by the inside of your wrist.

Another option is to use the acupuncture point just below your foot’s second toe. One more acupuncture point for relieving anxiety or panic attacks is the one near your shoulder blades.

Concentrate, Don’t Relax

When you work on yourself, you could be interrupting your own energy, in theory. This can diminish the effects of the therapy. For newbies and even for those with some experience in self-acupuncture, it is important to concentrate. Don’t entirely relax since you are treating yourself. It can be tricky to get the job done, especially when trying to get the needles in. However, if you know where to place them and you focus on where they should be, you will be able to relax after the treatment.

Walk Around with Needles

Yes, you don’t have to remove the needles if you don’t want to. In fact, you can tape them in place and leave them on your body for a longer period of time. The good news is that they will not interfere with your normal routine and movement. You also don’t have to worry about them catching your clothes, so you can have them overnight or even when you are showering or taking a bath. Doing this can help maximize the amount of time for your treatment and the benefits as well.

It’s Not Just About Needles

One common misconception about acupuncture is that it requires needles. There are actually various types of acupuncture, including acupressure where you apply pressure on some points in the body to make you feel better.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can’t master self-acupuncture in just one sitting. You have to do this on a regular basis while learning more about the treatment with the help of real professionals. When you are at home, you can learn by practicing acupressure where you press your fingertips on different meridians or acupoints. For instance, if you press the lung meridian, you can help remove sore throat, headache, cough, or asthma. This median is above your wrist on the inside of your arm. Experiment a lot and you will eventually observe some results.

Relax Your Muscles

After the treatment, you can relax your muscles by using heat compress. Don’t use cold packs as this can affect the efficacy of acupuncture. You can speed up the healing process when you use heat.

Even professionals perform self-acupuncture. It is not something to be afraid of, especially if you have the right needles to work with and you have learned some of the points to relieve pain or other health conditions.