Why Tilapia is Actually Bad for You

Why Tilapia is Actually Bad for You

You’ve probably heard about tilapia being one of the types of fish that are good for you. In fact, health advocates would tell you to eat fish over meat – and for good reasons. Fish isn’t as fatty as meat and has high concentration of protein. Plus, they provide several health benefits.

It is reported that tilapia is the most consumed farmed fish in the US last 2010 with about 475 million pounds sold and traded. And because Americans have been criticized for their poor food choices, eating fish including tilapia, should be a bad thing.

But recent reports show the picture isn’t as rosy as everyone thinks. For instance, it is a fact that a portion of tilapia fish contains a ton of omega-3 fatty acids, which are truly beneficial. But tilapia only has 135 mg of omega-3s, while the same amount of salmon can give you more than 2,000 mg. And it gets worse if you’re eating farmed tilapia because they typically feed from something made of soy and corn. Because of this, eating farmed tilapia, which is a very popular fish these days, should be avoided. Here are more reasons why you should stop eating this fish:

1. You don’t want to eat fish treated with pesticides and antibiotics.

Farmed fish are kept in crowded areas, so it is difficult for them to survive. To help sustain them, antibiotics are fed to the fish so they don’t get sick. Also, sea lice are a common problem and therefore fish are treated with pesticides to get rid of the parasites.

Antibiotics are fed to the tilapia so they don’t get sick / PicHelp

2. You don’t want to have inflammation-related health problems.

Conditions, such as asthma, arthritis, and even heart disease are mainly caused by chronic inflammation. Farmed tilapia could cause inflammation and it could even be worse than eating a hamburger or bacon.

3. You want to get more nutrients.

While fish, such as tilapia, are considered healthy, you won’t get the nutrients you want out of farmed fish tilapia, especially omega-3s as mentioned above. Tilapia also doesn’t have high protein content, unlike other fish. What’s worse is that they could have more omega-6, which can cause inflammatory reactions in the body.

4. You don’t want to ingest toxic chemicals.

Farm-raised tilapia and others like mussels could have very high levels of dibutylin, which is a chemical used in the production of PVC plastics. Surely, you don’t want that in your food. Dioxin is also high in farm-raised fish and it is a toxic chemical that can cause cancer.

Tilapia isn’t all that bad. If you still want to eat this fish and gain the nutrients you expect out of it, choose wild tilapia over inexpensive farmed ones.