When you go grocery shopping, it is usually difficult to just stick to your list, especially since there are a lot of temptations around you. Here is one simple trick that you can follow to prevent this from happening: have a meal or at least a snack first.

This particular advice of grocery shopping with a full stomach has been known for quite some time. However, researchers are able to prove that shopping while hungry truly does have an influence on the things that you buy.

Never go to a grocery on an empty stomach. Never / PicHelp
Never go to a grocery on an empty stomach. Never / PicHelp

Why Grocery Shopping on an Empty Stomach is NOT Good

A research team from the University of Minnesota has discovered that hunger has something to do with behavior and knowledge as a person acquires specific things. This means that when your stomach is growling, you tend to look for edible stuff. However, even inedible products are still appealing to people who are hungry. In this case, if you are on a budget, you want to make sure you stay away from grocery stores unless you have eaten something.

The study is actually strengthened by other studies in which it proves that hungry shoppers tend to spend more money. Whether you are staying away from food or non-food items, you will end up buying something you do not need when you are hungry.

If you go home after shopping and you find something you don’t even need, don’t be surprised – especially if you went buying without having a snack or meal. Looking at your grocery bag and you find a lot of high calorie foods, this shouldn’t shock you. One explanation for this is that a hungry body thinks that there is not enough food. As a result, you look for foods that are high in calories in order to make yourself feel you get what you require and prevent hunger in the future. This does make sense for the animals in the wild; however, human beings should stop this attitude as it only promotes access to foods that are often unhealthy.

How to Prevent Impulsive Shopping

It is easy to solve this problem and that is to simply eat something before you go out and buy at your favorite grocery store. Or you can avoid going shopping whenever you are hungry. If this is not possible, just have a grocery list and stick with it. Oftentimes though, it is difficult to follow your premade list, but you can bring someone with you to help you pick up only the products that you need.