Derek Nance was a normal guy, until he contracted an unexplainable disease that made it impossible for him to keep food down every time he ate. His doctors said it could be allergy, so he started changing his diet, which eventually resulted to him losing weight. He removed dairy and all wheat products from his diet, then chose to eat only fish and veggies (Mediterranean diet). This did not work, so he eventually became a vegan. Finally, someone with the same symptoms approached him and suggested a Paleolithic diet, but one that involves meat. This was where he introduced himself to eating raw meat.

Five Years Later

Derek is now on a raw meat diet and told that he has never been this healthy. In the interview, he gave details about his lifestyle, including how it really started. He said it began in the 1930s when Weston Price, a dentist, studied the benefits of eating raw meat and other foods to people’s health. This dentist discovered that this type of diet is actually beneficial as it can improve health.

His first raw meal was his goats in his yard. He slaughtered and ate them – the transition was as easy as that. The only negative side effect he got after that was he had to run to the bathroom again and again due to diarrhea. Nevertheless, after the first week, he was feeling better and this was when he knew he wouldn’t get back to eating cooked food.

Is It Really Safe to Eat Raw Meat?

Yup. That's the guy / PicHelp
Yup. That’s the guy / PicHelp

While Derek is very happy with the result of his raw meat diet, there are some things to watch out in case you are planning to try it. Millions of people get sick because they ate undercooked meat. How much more if they eat a completely raw food that was not introduced to heat? There are a few reasons why this happens, including:

  • Campylobacter – Bacteria that can give symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and headaches
  • Salmonella – More than 2,300 bacteria types are present in the genus Salmonella, which you can get in poultry and meat. Salmonellosis may happen to you, which can give headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea.
  • E. coli – Escherichia coli is a harmful pathogen you can find in raw beef. This can give you diarrhea and painful cramps and can also lead to vomiting.

Raw meat has parasites that can harm the body. More than that, there are bacteria, such as the ones above that can cause you to get sick and can even be fatal.