If you haven’t heard about tualang honey, it’s time for you to know about this delicious medicine that easily surpasses the other types of honey you can find in grocery stores.

Tualang honey proves that not all honeys are created equal. This honey is from Malaysia and is highly prized there for a very good reason, but it is definitely worth every penny.

More about Tualang Honey

The rare honey from the rainforest in Malaysia is truly good, which is why people who harvest it put their lives on the line. They end up with bee sting scars because the bees are very aggressive. The bee that makes the honey is known as the rock bees (scientifically known as Apis dorsata), which is the largest known type of honeybee in the world. The bees build their next in Tualang trees that can grow up to 289 feet. During spring, the bees make the honeycombs and one tee can hold up to a hundred hives, totaling to almost 1,000 pounds of honey.

Health Benefits of Tualang Honey

Because the honey harvesters risk their life to get the honey by climbing the tall tress while warding off a huge swarm of bees, tualang honey is not cheap. But that’s not all. This expensive honey is also very healthy and what better way for you to spend your hard-earned money for some really great health benefits, which include:

Tualang Honey is from Malaysia / Photobucket: ytlim911
Tualang Honey is from Malaysia / Photobucket: ytlim911

Good for Women

Women who suffer from postmenopausal symptoms can benefit from tualang honey, which may help avoid the need for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). A study in the University of Science in Malaysia showed that this honey can reduce symptoms associated with menopause and can even increase bone strength.

Good for Men

Tualang honey experiments displayed great potential in improving both sperm count and motility. It can also increase levels of testosterone and can help reverse negative side effects of smoking tobacco.

Good for Everyone

  • Antioxidants: Just like other types of honey, tualang honey has antioxidants that can help the body rid of toxins. But this Malaysian honey is extra special as it is richer in phenolic acids, proteins, and flavonoids than most other types of honey.
  • Heart: Consuming tualang honey can help protect against diseases in the cardiovascular system. This honey was tested on rats and the scientists discover it is promising in fighting myocardialinfarction or the death of the heart. Other studies also showed that it may help reduce blood pressure, while decreasing bad cholesterol levels.

Tualang honey, although a sweetener, may also be good for people with diabetes. It is high in fructose, but has low glycemic index, which means it will not raise blood sugar levels.