There are groups of people that believe walking on grass every morning and evening is good for the body. It turns out that they are right. Earthing, which is when you walk barefoot on grass, soil, sand, or any natural surface, does have several benefits to your health.

Benefits of Earthing

Here are the top reasons why you should start walking barefoot on the grass or anywhere as much as possible:

  1. You connect to the earth, which gives positive health benefits. Walking barefoot allows you to connect to the earth’s natural energy. Our planet has magnetic fields and comes with energy. When you choose to remove your sandals and shoes, you get connected to the magnetic field directly, which gives a wonderful effect on your own electrical and magnetic field. This leads to an exchange of energies that neutralize and cleanses your body to get rid of the negative energies.
  1. Walking barefoot can relieve stress. When you do this early in the morning, you get fresh air, a peaceful atmosphere, and a healthy dose of vitamin D, courtesy of the sun. All these help you in numerous ways. Breathing in fresh air enables your body to work better, while the calm atmosphere relieves you from stress.

    Take of your shoes, walk on the grass, and improve your health / PicHelp
    Take of your shoes, walk on the grass, and improve your health / PicHelp
  1. Walking without footwear can stimulate your body. Your feet come with reflexology points that relate to the vital organs in the body. Based on the principles of reflexology, you can stimulate those points to relieve yourself from ailments and keep your body healthy. The foot is connected to every part of your body, such as your lungs, stomach, kidneys, and your spleen among several others.
  1. You can improve your eye health. Believe it or not, you can help your eyes when you go walking barefoot. As mentioned above, the foot is connected to every part of the body and these include your eyes. When you walk, you will notice you give emphasis on your first, second, and third toes. These are the reflexology points for your eyes, particularly the second and third toes.

Studies that Support Walking Barefoot on the Grass

According to the study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, you draw electrons that can improve your health. This lessens your pain, especially if you are dealing with chronic aches. There is also another study that states how this activity can change the electrical activity in the brain, which was seen through an electroencephalogram. More studies say walking barefoot or earthing can provide health benefits, such as improved glucose control, heart rate regulation, and stronger immune system.