Stroke is almost too random as this brain attack can happen to anyone without a warning. However, the main cause of stroke is when blood flow to a particular part of the brain is stopped. As a result, the brain cells don’t receive oxygen and they start dying. During a stroke, the abilities that the affected part of the brain controls are lost.

Stroke is quite common and one attack all over the United States happens every 40 seconds. Every year, there are almost 800,000 people who experience stroke, whether recurrent or new. This condition is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States where someone dies from it every four minutes.

While stroke is scary, it is good news that up to 80% of it can be prevented. There are medications, lifestyle changes, and eating habits that can help you fight this disease, but a Chinese professor showed that you can stop a stroke using a needle.

An Unconventional Treatment

If someone is suffering or about to suffer from a stroke attack, the first step is to remain calm. Chances are you have a needle in the house, so you can perform the following actions:

  1. Sterilize: First, hold the needle over fire from any source, such as a candle or a lighter.
  1. Prick: When the needle is sterilized, start pricking the fingers of the patient. Prick all 10 fingers right below the nail.
  1. Bleed: Pricking should encourage the blood to flow from the fingers. But if this does not happen, you can tighten the fingers and begin squeezing them, so that the blood starts dripping.

Make sure that all fingers bleed, so that the victim feels better. Oftentimes, you have to wait a few minutes before you see the results from this acupuncture-like method.

That one simple trick, a prick actually could save lives according to sources / PicHelp
That one simple trick, a prick actually could save lives according to sources / PicHelp

There are times though when the patient’s mouth is distorted. You can do the following in more severe cases:

  1. Massage: If the victim is still unconscious or in a daze even after blood dripped on all fingers, massage the ears until they are red.
  1. Prick: Once the ears turn red, prick both ears with the needle right at the person’s earlobes or the soft part of the ear. It helps if two drops of blood come from both ears.

If you have a syringe, you can use it and it is actually more effective. But if you don’t, a regular needle that you use for sewing will do.

Editor’s Note: This treatment should not replace medical response from health professionals. You should only use this technique as an emergency first aid.