Burping is normal. We all burp because we gulped down too much air while eating or drinking. But even though this is normal, it can be embarrassing at times. Some people even develop a habit out of burping where they tend to burp loudly or uncontrollably when out in public places or when with other people. There are also times when burping is caused by a digestion issue, such as heartburn or acid reflux.

While burping is involuntary and can happen to all of us, you should not ignore excessive burping. Thankfully, you can treat it without medicine. Here are some effective home remedies that can prevent too much belching, eructation, or burping:

Holy Basil

If you have holy basil in your garden, all you need to do is pick about four leaves and start chewing on them every morning. Chewing slowly every day can prevent you from belching uncontrollably. You can also drink tea made from basil using a teaspoon of its leaves. Just follow the methods below:

  1. Get a teaspoon of basil leaves.
  2. Steep the leaves in a cup of hot water for at least five minutes.
  3. Strain the leaves.

You can add honey if you want before you drink this herbal tea.


If you don’t have a problem with the pungent taste of this spice, you can chew one piece two to three times a day and soon, your burping worries will go away. If you can’t stand the taste, add a bit of honey to make it more appetizing. Ginger can relax your gastrointestinal muscles, so it can calm your stomach and even relieve the pain in your abdomen.


Food with good bacteria or probiotics, such as yogurt can help alleviate your belching problems. The live bacteria culture is beneficial for your stomach. Yogurt is best for people who are lactose intolerant and those who are allergic to dairy products. Butter milk or diluted yogurt works for those who have burping issues. Just add some water on yogurt in a bowl and add cumin seeds. You will notice that your burping episodes have reduced. This mixture helps you develop a healthier stomach and intestines.

Other Tips

There are times that you simply should not burp
There are times that you simply should not burp / Image by justinkirbywriter.wordpress

Aside from consuming the foods above, you can stop burping excessively by avoiding the following drinks:

  • Beer
  • Red wine
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Milk

Aside from drinks, you should also limit your consumption of the following foods:

  • Bananas, raw apples, peaches, and other fruits
  • Eggs
  • Legumes
  • Breads, cereals, and other packaged foods that contain lactose

Eating your food slowly and trying not to swallow excess air while drinking can help you stop these embarrassing burping episodes.