Soda can be addictive, just like drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. You probably notice that you feel good when you drink it. Unfortunately, this fizzy beverage can wreak havoc on your body, especially if you continually consume it. More and more studies suggest that soft drinks have ill effects on the human body, which is why you should stop drinking it as soon as possible.

Once you have committed yourself to giving up on soft drinks, you will soon see the benefits of living a soda-free life:

Mental Benefits

Have you observed that your migraines started becoming worse since you began consuming more soda than usual? What’s worse is that you probably rely on the drink to get rid of the painful headaches. Some people claim that their headaches worsened when they quit drinking soda, but this is false. In fact, you will not feel any kind of soda withdrawal symptoms, including headaches.

On the contrary, you will find yourself becoming more mentally alert. It is not much easier to think clearly and focus. The reason behind this is because aspartame, the artificial sweetener found in soft drinks, is gone and can no longer alter the chemicals in your brain and the reward system that causes you to feel anxiety and head pains.

Sense of Taste Benefits

If you remove soda from your list of drinks to consume every day, you will notice that food is actually more flavorful and therefore more enjoyable. This is because you no longer have to deal with the artificial sweeteners in the drink, especially aspartame, which is actually 200 times worse than sugar in terms of sweetness.

Weight Benefits

You’ve probably tried all the techniques in losing weight, but none of them seems to work. This is because of the calories in the soda equivalent to 160 calories. If you drink a can of soda every day, you are gulping down 4,800 calories every month, which is about 1.4 pounds total. While you will not really gain 1.4 pounds daily, it is certain that you will not lose weight unless you let go of your soda addiction.

Overall Health Benefits

Is it time to stop drinking soda?
Is it time to stop drinking soda?

Due to the high sugar content in sodas, you are increasing your risk for obesity and diabetes. Remove soda and you will not only lower your risk, but also improve your kidney’s health and strengthen your bones.

It is quite clear that you won’t get anything good out of drinking too much soda, except perhaps satisfying your sweet tooth. Avoid soda addiction and get rid of the fizzy drink out of your life to experience the health benefits mentioned above.