How to Make Your Greens Last Longer and Stay Nutritious

How to Make Your Greens Last Longer and Stay Nutritious

One method to save money is to buy a huge bag of greens. However, it almost always happens that when you open the bag a few days later, you find the greens wilted inside. Hence, you did not save money at all. Thankfully, there are ways for you to store not only your salad greens, but also fruits so that you get to maintain their freshness as well as the nutrients they contain.

How to Maintain Freshness and Nutrients of Produce

Here are the ways you probably don’t know about in keeping fruits and vegetables from spoiling, but still full of vitamins and minerals:

1. For Fruits and Vegetables

  • Don’t wash produce when you get home. Unless you will eat the fruits or cook the veggies, you shouldn’t let water come in contact with them. This will only encourage mold formation and speeds up ripening. This should not be done especially for berries.
  • Spread them all out. Don’t pack the vegetables and fruits close to one another. They will rot faster and will cause the fruits to ripen prematurely.Experiments have shown how apples can affect vegetables, especially leafy greens by causing rapid browning. Separate them by keeping vegetables in one area and fruits in another, but make sure they are all packed loosely.
  • Remove from packing. Some people choose not to remove fruits and vegetables from their packages or containers to save space. However, if you’re going to leave the produce for a few more days, it is best that you don’t have them with rubber bands or ties. Avoid using airtight bags to prevent suffocation and decaying of the food items.

Green Vegetables Hanging StethNews2. For Specific Produce

  • For Your Tomatoes: Make sure tomatoes have their own place in your pantry. Remove them from plastic because this will cause them to ripen more quickly. Tomatoes, unlike most other veggies, should not be in the crisper. Place them on your counter where you position them upside down.
  • For Spinach: To get more time for your spinach, you should buy the ones from the front of the rack. These greens are exposed to more light, which means they have more nutrients – nine times higher – than those that were at the back which did received less light.
  • For Mushrooms: The same thing is applied to mushrooms. Buy mushrooms that have been exposed to light, especially portabella mushrooms. You can, however, expose the mushrooms to UV light at home. This increases shelf life, while giving you more vitamin D than those that have not received the same treatment.

It also helps to buy from your local supermarkets, so you don’t have to wait more days for the shipping of the goods. Additionally, buying young produce can give you more time and can also provide you with more nutrients.