How a Chiropractor Changed this Teen’s Life

How a Chiropractor Changed this Teen’s Life

Muntathar Altaii, a 17-year-old,was left with a bent spine after pulling a tree root outside their home in California. For three months, he suffered from excruciating pain on his back and numbness on his right leg. He lost a remarkable amount of weight, and developed a skin condition because of the accident.

He was diagnosed with kyphosis, a condition where you become hunched because your spine becomes so excessively curved outward.

Kyphosis is generally more common in women as they age, but they can also be due to freak accidents like Altaii’s case. Treatment may depend on the condition and of course, age.

Teen HunchbackBecause of the severity of his condition, Altaii was turned away by doctors in the US. He sought for the help of a chiropractor in Australia, who gladly received him. Just after ten consecutive meetings with Dr. Ian Rossborough, Altaii now has a better posture and is free from his back pains.

On the video of his appointment, chiropractor Rossborough did the following steps to ensure a fast yet effective recovery:

  • The chiropractor gathered all his findings and Altaii underwent an X-Ray exam.
  • The doctor made sudden yet controlled movements with pressure using his bare hands on his patient’s back and spine. A fellow chiropractor was present as Rossborough performed hand manipulation.
  • After successfully restoring Altaii’s back to how it once was, he was also seen counseling his patient.

The job of chiropractors does not stop when the patient’s status gets better. They also help prevent the condition from coming back. Chiropractic care is also useful for your neck, leg, and arm stiffness and pains.

Watch the video below: