Johns Hopkins University’s Vivian Bucay works in San Antonio, Texas as a dermatologist who tends to patients with skin problems, including skin cancer. As an expert, she didn’t guess that skin cancer would go undetected, especially if that disease happened to be her own. At first, she thought the flaky skin that she found in her navel was due to psoriasis or eczema, so she didn’t pay much attention it. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a revelation that almost altered her life.

Melanoma in Her Belly Button

Dr. Bucay took a skin biopsy just to be on the safe side and to particularly know why the skin there is shedding. The results astounded her: it was stage four cancer. Her navel apparently housed the deadliest type of skin cancer. Up to this day, the dermatologist is thankful to have found that skin anomaly even though it is already at the last stage.

Dr. Bucay is now cancer-free, but it is sobering for her to grasp that it is so easy for experts to miss the warning signs of cancer. Melanoma is blamable for at least 80% of deaths involving skin cancer. It is in fact the most common type of cancer in women 25 to 29 years old, but can appear in younger women aged 15 and above.

John Hopkin University's Dr Bucay
John Hopkins University’s Dr Bucay