It is quite easy to get hangnails and the good news is that getting rid of them is easy as well. Hangnails can cause discomfort and they give you the constant urge to tear them off of your skin. But it doesn’t have to be that painful because there are easy tricks that can help you eliminate them.

Bad Habits that Cause Hangnails

The best way to remove hangnails is to know what’s causing them. Most of us have bad nail habits and they should be eliminated to get rid of hangnails for good:

1. Leaving Nails Dry

Dry nails are among the biggest reasons why you have hangnails. The solution is easy; keep your nail beds as moisturized as possible. You can use cream or oil for cuticles. Petroleum jelly is a good cuticle moisturizer as well. This product can penetrate the skin around your nails while preventing it from going dry.

2. Cuticle Picking

A lot of women pick at their cuticles and this bad habit should be eliminated if you keep getting hangnails. Instead, snip the hangnails off as soon as they appear. Use nail scissors while they’re still short so they don’t grow longer to be more painful.

Hangnails StethNews3. Nail Biting

If you have the bad habit of chewing or biting your nails, it is time to stop, especially if you keep getting hangnails. Additionally, nail biting can cause those annoying hangnails to bleed, while aggravating your nail bed. Instead, trim your nails on a regular basis. Frequent manicures can also prevent you from biting your nails.

Aside from ridding of the bad habits mentioned above, here are more tips that can help you remove hangnail problems from your life:

  • Vitamin E is good for your nails. Apply some oil that is rich in the vitamin after you have trimmed your nails for healthier nail beds. This vitamin also keeps you from having hangnails.
  • When using nail polish remover, make sure that you avoid any product that has acetone. This ingredient can cause not just your nails, but your hands to become dry. As a result, you become susceptible to the appearance of hangnails.
  • Pushing your cuticles back can help prevent hangnails in the future. You can use a cuticle tool or an orange stick to achieve this.

Before you go to bed at night, pamper your cuticles by using a bit of lip balm and massaging it onto your nail beds. This will protect, strengthen, and moisturize your nails and the area around it so you prevent hangnails from appearing.