These Smoothie Recipes Can Keep You Cancer-Free

These Smoothie Recipes Can Keep You Cancer-Free

One of the best ways to combat cancer is to eat a healthy balanced meal. But not everyone may have enough time to prepare a meal from scratch. Whether you can cook your food or you simply want to eat healthy, adding smoothies into the mix is highly recommended. Smoothies are great sources of vitamins and minerals in a delicious glass of nutritional goodness.

For those who are dealing with cancer or those who have started implementing a lifestyle that promotes a cancer-free life, here are smoothie recipes that are full of antioxidants to prevent inflammation and therefore fight cancer:

Smoothie #1

You need:

  • Two handfuls of kale
  • A single cup of strawberries
  • Two tablespoons of chia seeds
  • One and a half cups of coconut water

Blend all the ingredients to benefit from vitamins A, C, and K, along with potassium, chlorophyll, and many other antioxidants that can kill cancer cells.

Smoothie #2

Here are the ingredients:

  • One banana
  • One apple
  • Two handfuls of broccoli
  • One and a half cups of alkaline water

This smoothie can fight inflammation through its rich content of antioxidants, potassium, and vitamins A and C.

Smoothie #3

For this third smoothie, you need the following ingredients:

  • One whole orange
  • One cup of spinach
  • One cup of pineapple
  • One and a half cups of green tea that you have brewed at home

Once again, this smoothie can fight inflammation, which is the key toward a cancer-free existence. This drink will also offer you vitamins A and C, which are effective in protecting the body against diseases, including chronic ones such as cancer. This smoothie also contains iron and folic acid.

Beetroot and broccoli? That's a good smoothie.
Beetroot and broccoli? That’s a good smoothie.

Smoothie #4

Prepare these ingredients:

  • One banana
  • One cup of strawberries
  • One cup of papaya
  • A pinch of bee pollen
  • One and a half cups of coconut milk

Blend all the ingredients mentioned above and enjoy a glass full of antioxidants, vitamins especially B and C, along with potassium from the banana and lauric acid from coconut milk. This smoothie has alkalizing properties, which means that it can stop the body from becoming acidic. An alkaline body can keep the immune system healthy, an important factor in stopping unwanted inflammatory responses.

When making smoothies that are designed to help prevent cancer, make sure that you have any of these healthy foods as a part of the ingredients: kale, strawberries, coconut, hemp oil, and chia seeds. These five ingredients have the necessary properties that can keep the body healthy and ward off damaging free radicals that can give way to the growth of tumors and cancer cells.