The fruit known as quince is fragrant, but tastes tart. It looks like a large avocado or guava and is usually bright yellow in color. Quinces belong to the same family as pears and apples. Like their other family members, this fruit is quite nutritious with every bite. Here are the top benefits you get whenever you eat quinces:

  • Low in Calories: Eating the fresh raw fruit will give you a total of 57 calories.
  • High in Fiber: Quinces are rich in fiber. In fact, it is not only the fruit that can give you this nutrient, but also its peel.
  • Contains Tannins: The granules found in the pulp of the fruit come with tannins, which are compounds that bind toxins and chemicals that can lead to cancer. The tannins, particularly epicatechin and catechin, protect the colon against cancers. The mucous membranes around the colon are protected against inflammatory bowel disease and diverticulitis as well. Tannins also help you lose weight and even lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • Has Phenolic Compounds: Quince has numerous phenolic compounds, including procyanidins-B2, caffeoylquinic acid, oligomeric procyanidins, and polymeric procyanidins among others. Together with essential oils (furfural, linalool, and toluene), quince becomes extremely aromatic with its unique fragrance.

    Quick! Grabe yourself a quince and enjoy its many health benefits! / PicHelp
    Quick! Grabe yourself a quince and enjoy its many health benefits! / PicHelp
  • Comes with Vitamin C: Like most fruits, quinces have high concentration of vitamin C. In particular, a 100 gram fruit has 15 mg of the vitamin, which is equivalent to 25% of the recommended daily allowance. Vitamin C is an important vitamin as it serves as an antioxidant for the body when it removes harmful free radicals that cause inflammation and diseases. Additionally, the vitamin is effective in boosting the immune system. When you have adequate vitamin C levels, you can be sure that viral episodes will be reduced.
  • Has Anti-Allergenic Properties: It may not be well-documented, but quinces, just like pears, have properties that help alleviate and prevent the incidence of allergies. The fruit and even the seeds are recommended for treating atopic dermatitis and cystitis.
  • Has High Levels of Antioxidants: Quinces are said to be effective in fighting cancer because of their antioxidants. With the phenolic and phytonutrient components in the fruit, quince can neutralize and get rid of oxygen-free radicals that accumulate in the body. You should know that free radicals are dangerous as they are a result of cellular metabolism and they can cause your healthy cells to become cancerous or just die.

When buying quinces, look for a fruit that is well-developed with a bright golden yellow color. It should be firm, fresh, and ripened, so you can eat the fruit and enjoy the benefits.