Most of us who want to know whether we are physically fit or not, so we head to a medical expert to help us determine the answer. There are tests though that will allow you to understand more about your body. Whether it is about your eyes, your voice, or other parts, here are some tests that will reveal more about your body:

Testing Ocular Dominance

A person is either a left or right eye dominant, but there is a very small portion of the Earth’s population that has no dominant eye. Ocular dominance tells you which eye your brain prefers to process input from your sense of sight. This is the eye that you should use when you look through the viewfinder. Here’s how to know which eye is dominant:

1. Extend your hands forward and place them together to form a small triangle.

2. Keep your eyes open as you look through the center of the triangle. Have something there, such as a small toy or a doorknob.

3. Close your left eye and if you can still see the object, this means your right eye is dominant. Do the same with the other eye to determine if correct.

Testing Testosterone Exposure

According to National Geographic, estrogen and testosterone have control over your finger length, which actually has a role to play on your sexual orientation and other traits. While you’re still in the womb, these two hormones determine how long your fingers are.

1. Straighten your fingers out, making sure there are no spaces between each finger.

2. If your ring finger is longer than your pointer finger, it means you have more testosterone than normal.

Testing Your Voice

You probably want to know how you sound to other people. You might be surprised that you sound different – probably with a much higher voice than you’re used to because your voice has to travel across the room before it reaches the ears.

1. Get two folders.

2. Place them in front of your eyes and that’s it. You’ll hear how your voice sounds like to everyone else you talk to.

An alternative to the folders is to use your two hands, although they may not work the same way as the folders.

These tests are extremely simple. You can do them within seconds and have the results right away. Try them now to learn more about your body.