If you love to eat pork, there are things you should be aware of. You may have heard about various stories about the proclaimed king of all meats, including that pork can be deadly especially if you do not know where your pork came from.

So brace yourself because here are 10 things you should know about your favorite meat and some of them are truly disturbing:

1. Processing and Your Emotions: The process for preparing pork can have a big impact on your overall emotional state. The nitrate preservatives, along with sugar and salt, can cause inflamed ankles and migraines and can even cause mood swings.

2. A Depressed Life: A pig’s life screams depression. This is an intelligent animal yet its habitat is a muddy, confined space. This results to being frustrated and a life full of misery that these animals tend to bite their body parts off. Pigs are also at a high risk for urinary tract infections because they are mostly put into cramped gestation crates. So, think about it: if slaughtered and butchered, do you think that these pigs will give you high-quality meat to eat?

3. Bacteria: Pork products have E. coli, Salmonella, staph, and other bacteria that can cause abdominal pain, fever, and diarrhea.Commercial Pork Farm Fed

4. Ractopamine: Pork meat also contains ractopamine, which is used as a growth accelerator. When pork with ractopamine is consumed, anxiety, elevated heart rate, and restlessness may happen.

5. Pig Farms: The stench from pig farms is enough to make you sick and fell stressed. People exposed from these stinky odors have acute blood pressure and higher stress levels. Just imagine pigs that are exposed to this 24/7.

6. Toxic: There are high levels of toxicity in in a place where pigs are raised. What can you expect when hundreds of hogs are cramped in a small space where they play with their manure?

7. Vitamins: The vitamins injected on these poor creatures are completely unnecessary. They are intended to make the pigs fatter, but actually it is not effective at all. Pigs can get fatter when they live in pens with sanitary conditions.

8. Commercial Pork: Through the years, factory-farmed pigs have been the subject of cruel selective breeding to promote higher-quality meat for the consumers. Their genes have been altered to bring out the best meat in the market.

9. The Healthier Choice: You may have known that pigs grown in factories live a frustrating live, which results to substandard meat. If you still want to eat pork, opt for organic, pastured pork.

10. The Right Meat: Bear in mind that labels containing “natural” meat are not natural at all. It is not free from antibiotics and hormones contrary to the wide advertising.

It all boils down to you being a smart consumer. Before you pay for that pork, make sure you know where it is from, so you serve safe meat on your dinner table.