When you’re looking for things that can improve your health, owning a cat may not be one of your immediate options. Cats are often associated with allergies, which is why they may be something you want to avoid. However, many experts agree that owning a cat can actually give you health benefits. Among them are the following:

Lower Risk of Acquiring Cardiovascular Diseases

If you own a cat, there is much lower chance of dying due to cardiovascular disease. A study from the University of Minnesota discovered that people who are 30 to 40 years old but don’t have cats will most likely die due to heart attack, heart failure, other related conditions.

Become Smarter

If you’re contemplating between owning a dog and a cat, you may want to consider this. A British research on pet owners conducted a survey and it was found out that those who own cats have much higher IQ than those who have dogs. Of course, it is not the cat itself that caused them to become smarter; rather it was because cats don’t need the same amount of attention as dogs. If you are a busy intellectual, you may want to get a cat instead of a dog.

Cope Better

Life situations, such as losing a loved one, can be really painful. However, you can cope much better if you have a pet, especially a cat. There are studies that show just how cats help people get through the pain and move on more quickly. Additionally, cats alleviate the symptoms of pain, such as crying all the time. Cats can support you during these hard times despite just being animals. Some people who are mourning would rather be with their cats than talk to other people about their experience.

Owning a cat has a lot of perks, even for your health / PicHelp
Owning a cat has a lot of perks, even for your health / PicHelp

Improve Immunity

Many people think that owning a cat can lower your immune function. This is not true. In fact, cats can help boost your immunity. If you are planning to get pregnant or you already are, consider getting a cat since your immunity decreases when you conceive. There are studies that support how living with animals, including cats and dogs, can help you and your baby avoid allergies. Note though that you shouldn’t even be near cat’s feces as bacteria could harm your unborn child.

Cats are often linked to old and sick people. This is because they tend to help these individuals feel so much better, both mentally and physically. With the benefits mentioned above, owning cats are definitely a great way to improve your health.