Buying organic is beneficial to your health because organic fruits and vegetables don’t contain manmade pesticides and other chemicals. However, if you’re on a tight budget, organic produce may not be among your choices. It’s a good thing that there are fruits and veggies that you can buy safely even though they are not organic.

Without further ado, here are the clean 15 based on the analysis of the Environmental Working Group (EWG):

You can eat these 15 fruits and vegetables and be pesticide free / Image by: cookingupastory
You can eat these 15 fruits and vegetables and be pesticide free / Image by: cookingupastory

1. Onions keep away pests, so they don’t need pesticides as they grow.

2. Avocados have very thick skins, which give them the protection against accumulated pesticide.

3. Sweet corn farmers do use fertilizer as this crop grows. However, you will only eat the corn kernels and there is very little chance that there are some pesticides there.

4. Pineapples are eaten without the tough skin, so you can buy these even though they are not organically grown.

5. Mangoes are protected by their thick skins, just like avocados and pineapples. Make sure you rinse it well though before you cut the fruit open.

6. Asparagus also drive away pests like onions, so only a few sprays of pesticide are given to it as it grows.

7. Sweet peas, according to the EWG, have the least amount of pesticide residue in all of the vegetables in this list.

8. Kiwi has a sturdy peel that protects it against pesticides. Still, you have to rinse it well before you cut it.

9. Cabbage may not have skin like some of the produce in this list, but it is one of the veggies that don’t need a ton of spraying as it grows.

10. Eggplants have thick skin, but according to EWG, eggplants are simply impenetrable by pesticides.

11. Papayas do have pesticide residue, but it remains on the skin only. Once again, be sure to wash them thoroughly before you slice open.

12. Cantaloupes are very thick on the outside. It is impossible for chemicals to penetrate the strong defense.

13. Cauliflower is a vegetable that does not preserve pesticides. Also it does not attract many pests during its growing days, so you can bet there is not much spraying done.

14. Sweet Potatoes are hardy enough so they don’t contain as much pesticides as the other crops that need to be bought organically.

15. Grapefruits don’t have as much pesticides as other fruits, such as apples and peaches.

Buying organic is still the safest way to go, but the list above will help you make the right choices even when you choose not to buy organic foods.