Bacteria and germs will always be a part of life – even washing your hands will not protect you from them as much as you wish it can. It helps though if you know some of the dirtiest things you own. While you may not be able to stay completely away from them, you can find a way to be safe from these objects:

Harmful bacteria viruses are present in things you don't expect / PicHelp
Harmful bacteria viruses are present in things you don’t expect / PicHelp

1. Cell Phone – You may be surprised but your cell phone is actually very dirty with up to 33,200 colony-forming units (CFU). This number may seem ordinary to you, but it actually is a lot. In contrast to a bathroom door handle, which you think is very dirty, this actually only has four CFUs.

2. Purse: If you think a toilet seat is very filthy, you may want to check on your facts again. Your favorite purse is actually much dirtier with a huge amount of bacteria, particularly at its bottom.

3. Desk: Whether you work at home or in an office, your desk could be harboring a ton of bacteria and you may not have a clue about it. Compared to a toilet, your desk could have 400 times more bacteria. You have to wipe it down at least twice every day for you to remove some of the bacteria. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the germs and the illness-causing bacteria will be gone forever.

4. Money: With several people touching money that you have in your hands right now, it is clear that this item is one of the dirtiest things you own. It may have come from the store cashier to a man who forgot to wash his hands this morning; you can bet there is a huge amount of bacteria on your money.

5. Light Switch: You may not know the last person who touched the switch, but bacteria definitely thrive in the plastic light switch. It gets worse if the switch you just touched is at a public place where numerous people have already touched it for years.

6. Keyboard: Your keyboard may be one of your best friends as you chat with your friends online. However, it is actually very dirty and is considered to be much filthier than your average toilet due to the enormous amount of bacteria that live on it.

7. Sponge: Your trusty old kitchen sponge shouldn’t be trusted at all. As you continually use it for your dirty dishes, sink, and other places in the house, you are actually transferring more bacteria to and from it.

Most of the dirty things could surprise you. For instance, you may think that a man’s hands are filthier than a woman’s but research has shown that it is the latter that is dirtier. This is because a woman’s skin has higher amounts of pH level, which welcomes several types of bacteria on the hands.