Belly size – it’s one of those things that people from different cultures and ages are concerned about. And everyone either has tried to reduce it or in the process of doing so. If you’re currently hoping to reduce your belly size or have already failed then this no BS approach is a perfect fit for you.

We hate BS, so we came up with this list.
We hate BS, so we came up with this list.

One of the best and perhaps the fastest ways to reduce your belly size is sticking to a good diet, but that’s not easy it is? These ten tips precisely address that with a guarantee that you can see and feel a difference in less than seven days.

1. Diet plan – Have a diet plan. Lay out the details. Set a timeline. A goal without a plan is just a wish and you can wish you have a smaller belly but that won’t do your health good. Plan it out and execute it. You can’t just wake up one day and decide you’ll diet and then wake up another and not give a damn about it.

2. Preparation – Prepare your meals ahead of time and in mass quantity so your diet doesn’t get disrupted by unforeseen circumstances. What do we mean by this? When you’re hungry you lose your willpower to diet. Preparing your meals in advanced will make force you to follow your plan and not give in to earthly desires that can cause your belly increase size even more.

3. Throw all crappy food in your house – Throw things you shouldn’t be eating. Throw everything that would destroy your diet. If it’s not there you’re not going to eat it. Of course you can go out your way, walk or drive for five minutes to grab all those junk food but if you’re going to do that it means you’re not serious about losing belly fat.

4. Set a limit on the food you eat out – You think you’re eating healthy but if you’re not aware of the food preparation process, there is no foolproof way to know how much salt, oil or fat content your food has in it. Especially if you’re ordering it on a fast food. If you’re planning to eat out decide beforehand what you will order. Research on it online. Don’t take recommendations from the counter as they are out there to push sales, not help you in your diet.

5. Drink water, lots of it – Water has a lot of health benefits, especially if you infuse it with spices to turn it into natural elixirs. Drinking water before meal time can help suppress your appetite and aid in food digestion. Eight to ten glasses should be enough depending on your physical activities.

6. Don’t get too attached to the weighing scale – Your actual body weight will not decrease in a span of few hours, not even overnight. Yes, fluctuation may happen before and after meal time but you should be after your real body mass. Weight only once to twice a week. That way you can get and measure real results and you won’t be demotivated at all.

7. It’s a lifestyle change not just diet change – Your diet is rooted in your lifestyle. As soon as you understand that the better and faster your chance of reducing your belly size will be. This shouldn’t be a short term goal. It should be long term. Think of all the advantages of having reduced belly size. Remember consistency is the key.

8. Don’t focus on the calories you’re consuming – If you want to lose belly fat or weight in general then focus on the quality of your food, not just the quantity. You can learn more about why by checking this article.

9. It’s okay to cheat but only certain conditions – You might be surprised with this tip but let us explain. Indulge once or twice a week, ONLY. Giving in is human nature, it’s perfectly good if you have iron clad discipline but not all people are built with that. Consciously cheating means you have full control over it and can actually do you good. Be smart.

10. If you fail, get back up do it again ASAP – Success in dieting like in everything else may not be achieved on your first try, or even second or third. What matters most is that you’re willing to try again once you fail.