Drink This Amount of Coffee to Save Your Liver NOW

Drink This Amount of Coffee to Save Your Liver NOW

If you love coffee, you probably agree that there’s nothing better to start your day than with a cup of Joe. In 2008 though, a study was conducted and it was discovered that breast size could decrease if you drink three cups of coffee every day. But don’t put your coffee cups just yet, because science says it is beneficial for our health – especially for the liver.

According to a study by the researchers from the University of Southampton, people who drink at least two cups of coffee could save their liver from cirrhosis. This liver disease is quite scary as it can kill silently.

Some people don’t have any symptoms of the disease at all as it slowly progresses. It replaces healthy tissues in the organ with scar tissue, which can eventually block the liver from functioning properly.

Coffee and Your Liver

The research, which analyzed nine different studies and looked at over 430,000 cases, discovered that increasing caffeine intake can lower the risk of cirrhosis from 50% to 80%. What’s more, it can reduce your risk of dying from the disease, which is commonly linked to people who love drinking alcohol.

Aside from cirrhosis, it is also possible for caffeine to reduce the risk of developing or the progression of liver cancer and liver fibrosis. But it’s not just caffeine to be thankful for. The benefits of coffee for the liver are also attributed to two naturally occurring compounds in coffee beans, which are kahweol and cafestol. Plus, let us not forget that coffee contains high amounts of antioxidants that can help fight cancer and get rid of the toxins in the body.

Coffee, oh how do I love thee.
Coffee, oh how do I love thee.

How to Take Advantage of Coffee for the Liver

To save your liver from diseases, here are the things that you should do:

1. Drink coffee.

About two to three cups of coffee or 200mg to 300mg of coffee every day is said to provide liver-protecting benefits from the beverage.

2. Go for caffeinated.

Decaf is not advised here since the research specifically said there is a relationship between caffeine and a healthy liver. Filtered, espresso, and instant coffee are the types considered to have the best effects.

3. Stop drinking alcohol.

If you think you can start drinking coffee to protect your liver, while continuing your excessive consumption of alcohol, you’re obviously wrong. Anything excessive can be detrimental to health, especially if it’s alcohol. If you can’t completely stay away, you should at least reduce the amount of alcoholic beverages you drink.

Next time you feel guilty about drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, know that you’re actually protecting your liver.