If you love chicken just like most people, it’s almost always never complete without a dipping sauce. You can watch your favorite sport while snacking on some chicken and dipping it into hot, spicy, zesty, or whatever flavor you want. But your chicken dips don’t have to be fatty and unhealthy. You can dip into a snack that is not only easy to prepare, but also good for your body.
Healthy Chicken Dips

Here are some chicken dipping sauce recipes that you can try:

1. Have one cup of chicken, chopped into pieces and one and a half cup of nonfat Greek yogurt (plain). Add four to five tablespoons of buffalo sauce and one to two tablespoons of ranch dip mix. Then add ¼ cup of crumbled blue cheese and lastly ½ cup of white cheese. Italian blend for the latter will work perfectly. When all the ingredients are mixed, refrigerate the sauce for at least an hour. Finally, add celery, peppers, and carrots. This recipe yields two cups of chicken dip.

2. This next chicken dip uses fresh herbs that are easy to find anytime of the year. You will need two cups of trimmed watercress, half a cup of fresh basil leaves, ¼ cup of green onions that should be chopped, and ¼ cup of flat leaf parsley. You will also need 1/3 cup of canola mayonnaise, two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, one teaspoon of anchovy paste, and one tablespoon of white wine vinegar. Mix all these ingredients and add a teaspoon of anchovy paste, half a teaspoon of black pepper, and ¼ cup of nonfat Greek yogurt. Chill for at least eight hours and enjoy with your friends or by yourself.

This chicken buffalo dip is just AMAZING!
This chicken buffalo dip is just AMAZING!

3. Here’s another great recipe for buffalo chicken wings. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Put two cups of cottage cheese (low fat) in your food processor and process until smooth. Add a teaspoon of dried dill weed and half a teaspoon of garlic powder, salt and pepper, and onion powder. Once done processing, move to a bowl where you will add two cups of poached or roasted chicken and half a cup of hot sauce. Mix all of these really well then spread them in a pie pan. Place in your oven and bake the mixture for 20 minutes. Finally, sprinkle with half a cup of shredded low fat cheddar cheese and place in oven once again for 10 minutes or until the cheese melts.

Your chicken dips don’t have to be sinful to be tasty. Try the recipes above to enjoy your chicken snacks without the guilt.