For several years, traditional foods, such as cultured dairy and fermented veggies have been praised for their health benefits.

But there’s one trendy health food that is being touted for its potential gains and that’s bone broth. This particular food contains many and extensive health benefits, which include:

1. Inhibits Infection: Infections that are caused by flu viruses and cold can be avoided with the help of bone broth. A study, which was conducted about a decade ago, discovered that chicken soup does contain medicinal properties that can mitigate infection.

2. Promotes Healthier Digestion: By consuming bone broth, you help get rid of the problems in your gut and seal this part of the body, so that you won’t experience those problems again. This type of healing is attributed to the gelatin found in the broth, which is known as hydrophilic colloid. This component can attract and grasp liquid, which include digestive juices. This enables it to offer support for proper digestion.

3. Fights Inflammation: The amino acids found in bone broth, include glycine, arginine, and proline all of which have anti-inflammatory benefits. To be specific, arginine can help treat sepsis, which is a condition where the whole body is inflamed. Meanwhile, glycine, aside from its anti- inflammatory benefits, can calm the body down, which makes it easier to sleep at night.

4. Supports Healthier Nail and Hair: The same gelatin in the broth can help give you more improved texture and shine for your hair, while aiding your nails develop without problems.

This chicken bone broth is saved for a rainy day / PicHelp
This chicken bone broth is saved for a rainy day / PicHelp

5. Reduces Arthritis and Its Symptoms: Consuming bone broth is said to reduce joint pain and other symptoms of arthritis. This is possible due to the compounds from the cartilage, which often contains chondroitin sulfates and glucosamine.

6. Encourages Healthier Bones to Develop: Bone broth is also excellent in helping your bones become stronger. This is all thanks to the high amounts of nutrients in the broth, which include magnesium and calcium.

7. Supports Immunity: Bone broth contains high amounts of minerals. In fact, the bone marrow comes with nutrients that can strengthen you immune system. This is probably why our elders told us to consume chicken soup whenever we are sick. According to a study performed at Harvard, it is possible to relieve symptoms caused by autoimmune disorders by simply consuming broth.

8. More Energy: Many people swear that consuming bone broth allowed them to enjoy more energy. Instead of drinking coffee, soda, or anything with caffeine, try bone broth, which is a much healthier alternative.

Bone broth can be used to heal the body, such as when you have a cold or flu. There are even accounts of it being able to reduce cellulite. With the health benefits it offers, it is no wonder that bone broth is now considered a superfood.