Your preferred pose for sleeping may be the reason why you have neck and back pain, premature wrinkles, and even stomach problems. It may be the right time for you to change your sleep position. Discover what position is good for your body and health and those that you should avoid.

Supine (Back Sleeping)

Back SleepingYou know this simply as back sleeping where you sleep on your back. This is the most common and doctors consider this as the best position for you shut eye time. This position is where savasana or the corpse yoga pose is derived from and it has a ton of benefits, especially for your neck and spine. The best thing about back sleeping is your weight is evenly distributed. Unfortunately, this is not recommended for people who snore, espei8cllay for those with sleep apnea.

Left Side

Sleeping on your left is also ideal, especially if you are pregnant. This position promotes good blood circulation, allowing you to have a fitful sleep. This is also good for people who are not expecting because it can prevent or reduce acid reflux and heartburn. While sleeping on your left side may be comfortable for you, it can put a pressure on your lungs and stomach. You can change to the right temporarily to lessen strain on these organs.

Right Side

If you believe you’re in good health, there is nothing to fear with right side sleeping. Many medical experts warn people to avoid sleeping on this side though because of the potential harm it can provide. These dangers may include acid reflux, rib cage constriction, and lung strain. This position can also increase your risk of heart failure.

One Leg On Top of the Other

Fetal PositionIf you’re used to this position, it is time to change your habit because this is not good for your health. Known as the horizontal tree pose in which one of your legs is bent and is higher than the other leg can be harmful to your health. This position can pull your weight off your pelvis, adding stress on your back. If you need to raise a limb, why not hike both? This prevents back pain and reduces damage to your spine.


Stomach SleepingStomach sleeping is good for people who snore and those with sleep apnea. However, this is where the benefits end. Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for so many reasons. It not only pills your tummy down and alters how your spine curves, but it also puts extra strain on your neck. The next morning, you will not only feel uncomfortable with neck pain, but also with less energy and bad mood.

People tend to choose their snooze pose based on how comfortable they feel. But remember that your sleeping position does have an effect on your health and your mood the next day.

All images from Terry Doyle.