No matter how hard you take care of your face, dark spots can still appear due to sun exposure, acne, or pregnancy. You can hide these spots with heavy makeup or you can purchase chemical peels. You can also go through laser treatments to remove the marks. If you’re looking for a way to save money yet effectively remove dark spots, there are proven homemade remedies that can achieve what commercial products can.

Instead of buying creams, you can turn to natural products that you can create on your own. The ingredients are generally right there in your kitchen, making these solutions extremely budget-friendly and still effective.

Dark Spots Removal
Removing dark spots can significantly improve your appearance / PicHelp


For Greasy Skin

Mix the following ingredients then apply to your face every morning:

• ½ cup of rose water
• ½ cup of cucumber juice
• One tablespoon of glycerol
• Two tablespoons of squeezed lemon juice

There’s no need to wash the solution off. Applying it during the summer can help you feel refreshed.

For Delicate Skin

If you have very sensitive skin or you have eczema, mix honey and powdered turmeric. Apply it for half an hour and rinse with warm water. Use this homemade mask if you have spots that are lighter than your face’s color.

For Darker Spots

If you have spots that are darker than your skin color, this solution with the following ingredients will help:

• Oxygenated water
• Lemon juice
• Glycerol
• Two tablespoons of powdered milk

Apply the whitening paste to your skin during bedtime and wash it off the next morning.

For Skin Nourishment

Mix these ingredients:

• One cup of water
• ¼ tablespoon of oatmeal
• One teaspoon of lemon juice

Apply the mixture to your face every day for 15 minutes. Do this for a week to get the combined benefits of lemon and oats.

For the Budget-Conscious

If you have oranges at home, don’t throw the peels away. Instead use them as your face mask by drying them up first and crushing them until they become fine powder. Have at least two tablespoons of the powder and mix with a tablespoon of milk and glycerol. Apply to your face until it completely dries up and then you can remove it with warm water.

You can also create your own recipe where you can use ingredients such as lemon for cleansing and disinfecting skin, geranium oil for regenerating skin, aloe vera for hydrating skin, and vitamin E for overall skin health. If you want your homemade lotion to be gentler, add vegetable glycerin or glycerol before you apply the solution, especially if it has lemon.