Most of us use DEET-based lotions or creams to repel mosquitoes. DEET or diethyl-meta-toluamide leaves an unpleasant odor to our body. But that’s not all; according to a study by the Duke University researchers, DEET as the main ingredient in mosquito repellents can contribute to brain cell damage. It can also cause behavioral changes and may be dangerous for those who take specific medications. This is why you should try alternatives to stop mosquitoes from loving to bite you, such as the following effective yet natural repellents:

1. Catnip

This herb is 10 times more effective than mosquito repellents with DEET. A study at the Iowa State University suggests the use of essential oil to make mosquitoes stay away from you.

2. Lavender

Using lavender flowers, you can repel the pesky mosquitoes with their fragrance. Just crush the flowers and take the extract, which you can apply to the parts of your body where mosquitoes frequently bite.

3. Citronella

The essential oil is a common repellent used to keep mosquitoes from the body. Using citronella candles can actually provide 50% more protection. The essential oil, on the other hand, is almost as effect as DEET and can provide protection against the biters for up to two hours.

Try alternatives to stop mosquitoes from biting you / PicHelp

4. Lotus

A new study showed that this plant is effective in repelling mosquitoes as well as in killing their larvae. The lotus plant grows in water, which makes it a great option for your water features and backyard pond.

5. Rosemary

If you notice how mosquitoes suddenly flock to your skin when you start barbecuing, here’s one simple yet effective trick: throw in rosemary. Just a few stalks of the herb on the hot coals will keep the mosquitoes away, while improving the flavor of your food.

Aside from the natural repellents above, there are some useful ways to stop them from making you their favorite meal:

  • Avoid peak times for mosquito feeding, which is during dawn and dusk. They also start becoming aggressive a few hours into the night.
  • Dark clothing can attract more mosquitoes, so wear something light colored.
  • Perhaps the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is to treat standing water. Mosquitoes choose stagnant and shallow water that’s high in organic matter. Standing water should only remain stagnant for less than four days to stop mosquitoes from completing their life cycle.

Essential oils are generally safe for everyone, but you should know they shouldn’t be applied on the skin directly. Use an ounce of carrier oil like almond oil for every three to five drops of the essential oil.