SHOCKING: Normal Stomachache Reveals Man Has Uterus

SHOCKING: Normal Stomachache Reveals Man Has Uterus

Most of us don’t look forward to doctor visits, especially if it’s just a seemingly normal stomachache, but this one case is surely something you will not forget easily.

A young man from India known only as Mr. Amaresh went to a hospital in Andhra Pradesh to complain about the pain in his right testicle. He was unable to bear the severe pain, which is characterized by a condition called right inguinal hernia, a somewhat common problem in men. Imagine his shock – and the doctors as well – when it was discovered that he actually had a uterus and it had to be removed.

This is What Really Happened to the 23-Year-Old

The young man underwent an examination headed by a doctor known as Dr. Sudheer. He then found that it was not Amaresh’s testicle that was causing the problem. During the examination, which was later followed by a surgical procedure, the following issues were faced:

  • Amaresh did not have a testicle at all. The doctor saw that it was just an empty bag without the testicles. Since it was such a strange case, a medical team was assigned to perform a surgery on Amaresh as the doctors thought his testicles just did not descend. This phenomenon, although rare, happens to some men.
  • Amaresh had a uterus and ovaries. During the surgery, the medical team was in for the surprise of their lives as they found a uterus and ovaries – just like any other woman. The uterus though did not have its normal physiological functions. The man also never experienced menstruation despite having a female reproductive system.
  • Although the ovaries didn’t function like in women, they did the job of the testicles. As if having ovaries and a uterus was not enough, Amaresh’s ovaries were functioning just like a testicle would. It was indeed a strange case and it was considered a genetic anomaly known as persistent mullerian duct syndrome.
Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh

After the discoveries, the doctors decided to remove the uterus from Amaresh. This way, he could have a normal life and even produce children without any problems.

Although what happened to Amaresh is more than mind-boggling, this isn’t the first time this occurred. A 37-year-old from Lancashire named Rob visited a hospital, thinking he had bladder cancer only to find that he had a complete set of female reproductive organs. But thankfully, these two men did not need to take a pregnancy test anytime soon. Those abnormal parts were removed from their bodies through hysterectomy.