You can find a lot of healthy snacks that can give you additional energy boost just when you need it for a busy day. But if you want a change, you can try lupini beans. These beans are conventionally consumed as a pickled snack food. Lupini beans are native to the Latin Americans and are closely related to chickpeas.

Lupini beans have a buttery taste, which is complemented with its moderately spicy and tangy flavor. Just like olives and pickles, lupini beans are sold in jars in a brine solution. Moreover, with the taste and appearance resembling edamame, it is no wonder that many people are comparing these beans to the more popular edamame. There are even a number of supporters who believe that lupine beans can overthrow the edamame as the reigning bean snack king.

Lupini vs Edamame

You can spot edamame in Japanese and Chinese cuisines. They can also be eaten as is – an energy-bossitng snack with no other additions. In contrast with the lupini beans, edamame preparation is not as meticulous. The edamame pods are just boiled or steamed in water, but there are some who choose to microwave them – and that’s it! You can snack on edamame right after.

Lupini beans, on the other hand, require a lot of your patience and when done improperly, can make the beans taste bitter. What is worse is that these beans can transform into toxic food. If you want to eat lupini beans, you can just buy a lupini bean product at supermarkets. These ready-to-eat lupini beans can satisfy your craving without doing the complicated means of its preparation.

Lupini, Lupinus, Lupines or by any other name would still be delicious.
Lupini, Lupinus, Lupines or by any other name would still be delicious.

But What Makes These Lupini Beans Special?

While the complex preparation process may be a major turnoff to some people, lupine beans are truly beneficial to your health:

• Surprisingly, these beans do not contain starch unlike all the other beans. If you are on a diet, this bean is a must-try.

Lupini beans are good for the eyes with huge amounts of beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin – antioxidants that fight macular degeneration.

• These beans are also packed with calcium and phosphorus with amounts higher than your ordinary cereals.

Vitamin E is also included in the vitamin roster of these beans. You can achieve healthier and more moisturized skin by eating enough servings of lupini beans every day.

To achieve a tastier lupini bean snack, you can experiment serving it with spices and herbs such as basil, fennel seeds, or crushed peppers. The preparation of lupini beans is difficult, so it is advisable that you buy lupini bean products at your favorite health stores to avoid putting the delectable beans to waste and more importantly, putting your life in danger.