There are many reasons why you may find it hard to sleep at night. However, a recent survey showed that pain is one of the biggest causes of sleep deprivation. According to the poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, 57% of Americans experience pain, which leads to the inability to have a restful sleep.

A Cruel Cycle

According to the survey, people who suffer from chronic pain experience a decrease of at least 40 minutes of sleep every night. Unfortunately, when you cannot sleep at night, pain becomes intolerable. Indeed, insomnia has a role to play in chronic muscle pain.

When you miss 40 minutes of sleep, it is usually not a big deal if you have excellent health condition. However, over time, this can affect your wellbeing as well since enough sleep does influence your health. As a matter of fact, people who participated in the mentioned poll said that they had at least 15 minutes more of sleep because they have good health.

Pain, it comes in many forms and it can be too much that it won't even let you sleep / PicHelp
Pain, it comes in many forms and it can be too much that it won’t even let you sleep / PicHelp

On the other hand, those who are in pain are more likely to have difficulty in sleeping with so many complaints about the noise, temperature, light, and even their mattress, which is actually the most common problem. Women are more likely to complain about the noise than men as shown by the survey.

Healthy People Can Develop Chronic Pain

The poll named as the 2015 Sleep in America poll displayed that sleep deprivation can be a big problem. For people who may not be suffering from pain today, there is still a huge chance for them to complain about pain in the future. The biggest risk factor is not having enough sleep. Although this may be devastating for pain-free individuals, there is good news: if you are extremely motivated to beat your sleep problem, you could succeed.

How to Combat Insomnia and Other Sleep Issues

Based on the findings of the survey, those who were able to successfully beat their sleep problem stuck to a bedtime routine. They also had a supportive environment, particularly in their bedroom, so they could sleep well at night. It was also notable how people who didn’t use their smartphones at night were able to sleep better.

Even though you have chronic pain, taking pain medication at night does not mean you are motivated. The poll stresses that taking medications did not help people with their sleep problem. Instead, follow the suggested methods on how to sleep better and you will eventually succeed.