For some people, their paper napkins are a pizza topping. As soon as they get their slice of pizza or the whole pie itself, they place the napkin on top to dab the oil away. According to these individuals who do this “trick,” they are not only removing the extra grease off, but they are also eliminating a few calories that come with their favorite food.

The question here though is: does it really work? Thankfully, researchers and health experts studied napkin blotting on pizza and they discovered that your efforts are definitely not in vain. Let’s take for example a pepperoni pizza that comes with hand-tossed crust. The following have been concluded on the test:

  • Dabbing can help you lose 40.5 calories on pizza
  • Excess grease on top of the pizza is removed
  • You get 4.5 grams of fat removed from the surface of the pizza

While the numbers don’t really sound much, especially for people who like eating pizza, you will actually lose a lot of both calories and fat with just this one simple trick. Napkin blotting can help get rid of the fat off of your pizza slice up to two pounds every year.

An In-Depth Look on Pizza and Napkins

A slice of pepperoni pizza has a total of 324 calories and 117 grams of fat. When you dab a napkin to your pizza slice, you only gain 8.5 grams of fat per slice, instead of the 13 grams per bite. Meanwhile, instead of 117 calories, you only consume 76.5 calories per bite. Taking this into account, you only consume 6,655.5 calories per year instead of 10,178 calories.

On average, an American eats about 23 pounds of pizza every year. You can save a lot on calories and fat by simply taking time to dab a napkin on top of your pizza slice or the whole pizza itself.

Will This Hack Work on Other Foods?

While there is no additional research on other foods, such as French fries, fried chicken, and other oily fried foods, it is a practice you can start doing. Dabbing a napkin on these oily foods can help remove the extra grease where a lot of calories and fat remain. As an alternative, you can also use paper towels to absorb the oil from these fried foods.

While the most effective way to reduce calories and fat from greasy foods is to avoid them or at least decrease your consumption, this does not really sound appetizing. Instead, stack on napkins and start blotting on your next order.

Here’s a great infographic for better understanding.

Pizza Napkin Health Infographic