Currently, there are a total of 59 emojis that represent food, including chili pepper. While there are still a huge number of other foods that aren’t immortalized in the emoji world, a woman named Kelsey Rexroat from the Atlantic started the so-called “emoji diet.”

As the name suggests, the emoji diet is where you eat the foods that are present in the emoji world. Rexroat had to first check the Emojipedia before she embarked on her experiment. This helped her identify the emoji symbols and know their official name.

The Emoji Diet Rules

Before Rexroat started her emoji diet, she established the following rules first:

• For one whole week, she cannot eat anything other than the ones represented by iPhone emojis.

• Although there are food sources under the Nature category (such as pigs and cows), Rexroat will not eat them. Therefore, she cannot substitute bacon for pig or any other meat.

• She can only eat those that are under the Objects category.

Is This a Safe Diet?

For those who are interested in the emoji diet, it is not entirely an unhealthy diet, but it is not that healthy either. There are just so many foods lacking in the emoji library, such as soup, cheese, and salad. Plus, there is too much alcohol and therefore, this diet is not for those who are trying to avoid anything that contains alcohol.

Do not mistake these cookies that look like emojis as part of the diet / PicHelp
Do not mistake these cookies that look like emojis as part of the diet / PicHelp

Another negative thing about the so-called emoji diet is that it has a lot of sugary treats. In fact, Rexroat even had to endure a day where she ate shortcake, custard, and ice cream – all in one night, just to meet the goal of the challenge. At the end of the day, she felt bloated because of too much starch in her food.

The emoji diet is not for those who want to lose weight. Based on experience, Rexroat not only experienced bloating, but she also gained some weight. The only thing that slimmed down during the challenge was her wallet. So, if you intend to take on this kind of diet, you need to be prepared to spend some extra cash on food.Rice Raw Meat Oden, one of the many Japanese foods immortalized in emoji Yumi Kimura Flickr

According to Kelsey Rexroat, she doesn’t consider the emoji diet a diet at all. It is the exact opposite of the Atkins diet since it encourages people to eat a lot of rice and heavy amounts of sugar. There are 11 emojis that display desserts, while there are eight that have rice.