Some People Have Extra Nipples, Should Anyone Be Worried?

Some People Have Extra Nipples, Should Anyone Be Worried?

It is not ordinary, but about one in 500 people have an extra nipple according to the National Institutes of Health. No, it’s not some form of an abnormality, but most people don’t realize they have it because they think of it as a mole. The third nipple has many names, including:

  • Accessory nipple
  • Supernumerary nipple
  • Polymastia
  • Polythelia
  • Pseudomamma

There are a lot of celebrities with a third nipple, such as:

  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Harry Styles of One Direction
  • Lily Allen
  • Tilda Swinton
  • Joanna Krupa

In fact, Harry Styles doesn’t just have one extra, but actually two. You could also have it even though you don’t know or you haven’t paid attention to it. This is because many people mistake the third nipple for a mole. But how do you distinguish a mole from an extra nipple? Thankfully, there are distinct qualities that can help you determine whether you really have a mole or a third nipple:

1. If you have a third nipple, it looks almost the same as a normal nipple, except it’s usually smaller. It may have hair around it and it has a tiny bump in the center.

2. You can find the extra nipple right under one of your nipples. It won’t pass farther than the mammary line, which begins at your collarbone all the way through the normal nipples and down to the groin. If there’s a mole around that line, you should take a good look at it.

The condition is more common than you might thnk, and of course more nipples doesn't equate to more bras.
The condition is more common than you might thnk, and of course more nipples doesn’t equate to more bras.

3. If you’re pregnant, you may notice that the third nipple actually swells a little bit. This is because it is not rare for an extra nipple to have some kind of breast tissue under the skin. Also not very uncommon is that the extra nipple may be able to produce breast milk, specifically in lactating women.

With the characteristics above, you probably think third nipples aren’t so hard to miss. But as mentioned, not everyone is aware about having it. One reason is that it is very tiny, often just a centimeter. Additionally, a third nipple has been there all your life; it doesn’t just pop out of nowhere. According to studies, there are quite a number of people born with six nipples and the most number of nipples in a person is eight. Having an extra nipple doesn’t mean you have a health condition. However, if it is quite strange, such as if it has a breast tissue underneath, you should have it checked to make sure you don’t have a form of breast disease.